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regressing a bit?

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chocbiscuits Wed 12-Sep-07 22:12:00

Ds has been so great with his potty training but yesterday managed to poop in his pants and today managed to start weeing on the floor.
Is this likely to be a general trend? Any advice on how to deal with it?

fingerwoman Wed 12-Sep-07 22:22:57

my ds did that too. he was fine for over a week- all wees and poos on toilet, and then suddently started wetting again.
I think it was a bit like "oh no, do I have to do the toilet thing forever?" and just wishing he was back in nappies because he couldn't be botherd to go to the toilet.
So, I ignored it, kept reminding him that he needed to use toilet instead of wetting himself and eventually he stopped. it didn't take that long. I resisted the immense urge to put him back in nappies

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