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Bamboozles Size 1

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amanda25 Wed 12-Sep-07 20:24:26

We have a set of Tot Bots Bamboozles size one in Yellow. Our DS grew very quickly and is already in size two (he's not even three months yet!). We have used fleece liners so there are no stains or anything. Anyway they are available if anyone wants them.

daisyandbabybootoo Wed 12-Sep-07 20:26:16

Do they go up to 18lbs?

My DD is getting on for 13lbs so not sure I'd get the use of them.

You do know there's quite a good second hand market for them?

amanda25 Wed 12-Sep-07 20:44:03

They are meant to go to 18 but our baby (perhaps carrying his weight in his hips and thighs like his mom?) is not looking too comfy in them and is much happier in the bigger size. I did not know about the 2nd hand market...where?

loonylovegood Wed 12-Sep-07 20:48:16

How much did you want for them?

daisyandbabybootoo Wed 12-Sep-07 20:51:35

You can sell them on here...there is a For sale section, or try Nappy Lady or Bumfluff classified section.

TALLULAHBELLE Wed 12-Sep-07 20:53:48

Do Bamboozles dry quickly? I may be interested if Daisy & Loony not.

daisyandbabybootoo Wed 12-Sep-07 20:55:53

AFIK tallulah, as they're bamboo they take a bit longer to dry, but they make up for this by being thirsty little things. I've got a bambinex bamboo and it's very absorbent, but usually needs a spin in the drier where my cotton tots bot will be dry from the line.

{sorry for the hijack amanda}

TALLULAHBELLE Wed 12-Sep-07 21:13:20

Ah - don't have drier & can't really line dry. Just got pulley in my kitchen. Maybe not so suitable for me.

amanda25 Thu 13-Sep-07 10:30:44

£25 for the set of 15?

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 13-Sep-07 11:19:00

amanda, I'll grab them at that price smile

plus postage obviously.

can you e-mail me at daisybump at yahoo dot co dot uk.

I can either send you a cheque, or do a paypal transaction if you have a paypal account?


myjobismum Thu 13-Sep-07 11:31:29

thats very cheap!

laundrylover Thu 13-Sep-07 11:35:14

Amanda, are you not having any more babies???

I would hang on to them a while longer if I were you - you are losing a lot of money selling at that price!!shock

Sorry Daisygrin.

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 13-Sep-07 11:39:16

fair enough, it is very cheap and i did suggest she could sell them via nappy lady or bumfluff classified.

I wasn't trying to take advantage, honest blush

laundrylover Thu 13-Sep-07 12:05:21

I wasn't getting at you Daisy I was just wondering why Amanda wasn't keeping the nappies!!

It's a bargain for you if you get them -enjoygrin.

amanda25 Thu 13-Sep-07 18:12:37

I guess I may have more babies but none are planned...but you are all making me second guess my decision to sell...actually before all of this I was just going to give them away...

daisyandbabybootoo Thu 13-Sep-07 19:35:52

LOL Amanda...I wouldn't want to fleece you...(sorry, bad nappy pun grin)

If you are thinking of having another one, why not put them away in the attic. You'll still be able to sell them afterwards (or save them for the next one after that)

I don't actually need any more nappies, as I have lots and have bids on a few more on ebay!

laundrylover Fri 14-Sep-07 00:04:37

Apologies for my terrible nappy habit too - it led me on to this thread!!blush

TBH I am feeling a bit sad as DD2 ready for potty training and my main reason for broodiness is to try out new nappies!!! It'll be really hard for me to pass on my nappies but most of them are knackered as were given to me years ago....

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