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quick! tell me if you think this will work

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maveta Wed 12-Sep-07 19:03:07

..i´ve got him in a bambineo size2 with its own booster and then outside this two small wonderfull microfibre inserts and a nature babies wrap (the only one i have in the right size, waiting for new ones to arrive)...

PillockOfTheCommunity Wed 12-Sep-07 19:03:54

maveta has run out of nappies

PillockOfTheCommunity Wed 12-Sep-07 19:04:31

can't help tho, know bugger all about nappies, just thought I'd stop by to giggle grin

maveta Wed 12-Sep-07 19:04:35

hey you envy

PillockOfTheCommunity Wed 12-Sep-07 19:05:16




maveta Wed 12-Sep-07 19:09:09

i have disposables that he´s been sleeping in for a couple of weeks, coinciding with him waking 3 times a night. i am suspicious and desperate.. (whinge)

bagpuss Wed 12-Sep-07 19:09:38

No reason why it shouldn't smile.

nappyneeds Wed 12-Sep-07 19:10:01

it'll work - until you get the right ones I would have thought.

Flamesparrow Wed 12-Sep-07 20:20:52

Should be fiiiiiiine

nappyzone Fri 14-Sep-07 19:03:05

Did it work? Sounds like my kinda panic combo lol! (which would work i might add!)

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