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lidl nappies can user supply me with some info?

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firstmum45 Sun 09-Sep-07 20:50:05

Have been informed by past threads that lidl nappies are good.

Do they do a pullup pant simlair to pampers easy up pants.

When it comes to nappies my dd is very fussy can you believe it?

Am giving all the brands a try out. Mostly use pampers but recently they have leaked also dd will only wear ones with certain designs on them (can you believe it!!!!)

Huggies liked but felt thinner than pampers more like a pant.

Morrisons great fit round waist but main pant was very bulky under clothes good price though.

dd will not wear tescos because they ahve a monkey on them!!!!fgs!!!

If lidl do a pull up pant can anyone tell me what pictures they have on them.


NannyL Sun 09-Sep-07 21:39:06

where u using higgies pull ups? cause they are NOT a nappy and are just a trainer pant

LadyOfTheFlowers Sun 09-Sep-07 21:40:39

what do you mean by 'will not wear'?
i am confused?

firstmum45 Sun 09-Sep-07 22:19:03

my daughter refuses to wear nappies that do not have a design on that she likes.

The refusal resorts to a full blown tantrum if I insist that she wears that particular nappy.

Life is too short to get all uptight about the type of nappy she wears. This is just a phase I know she will grow out of it had a simlair problem with socks!!!!! Now she will is happy to wear most socks.

The huggies she has worn are not the trainer pants but the ones called easy walkers they are designed to be pulled on and off just like the pampers easyup pants.

elliek Sun 09-Sep-07 22:20:56

then that's why they seem thinner, they are not the same as pampers nappies, they are the same as pull-ups. try huggies nappies

Carmenere Sun 09-Sep-07 22:22:24

firstly, you really shouldn't allow your child to dictate what kind of nappy they wear. This is a slippery slope and if she is dictating this and winning she will presume that she can dictate everything in her life and you will be in for BIG trouble.

The Lidl pull on nappies are good imo but bulky and I have no idea what pattern is on them.

horsemadgal Mon 10-Sep-07 21:10:16

Lidl pull ups are fab, only one that doesn't leak with my son. They are different shaped to the other pull ups and hold more. Around the top is all elasticated like ruched stuff. The padding is better and is more shaped into the sides unlike normal pull ups which just seem to be a long rectangle shape. Hope you know what I mean.
They have bears around the top. Then the whole nappy is covered in all different things, dogs, elephants, snowmen, balls, aeroplanes, ponies. No sign of a monkey.
HTH, good luck, M x

kiskidee Mon 10-Sep-07 21:21:09

I am v happy with lidl nappies and pull ups. I agree with what horsemadgal said about the nappies and pullups. Pullups i have have balls, dolls, teddies, keys, birds, butterflies, and a waterskiing bear on it.

firstmum45 Tue 11-Sep-07 00:00:57

Thanks for the info on the lidl pullups will give them a try.

My dd for some reason has a dislike of monkeys at the moment even asks for the tv to be turned off if they are on the screen.

Strange because only a few months ago she loved watching curious george!

I suppose thats toddlers for you.

One minute she can,t eat enough baked beans then all of a sudden she can't stand the sight of them.

Does seem strange but I suppose it's all really normal toddler behaviour.

Have just got her to wear dresses all be it a tunic dress over jeans.

My dh saya she is just like me FUSSY really!!!

UCM Tue 11-Sep-07 00:02:18

Another vote for Lidls and strangely enough, not because they are cheaper than leading brands, but because they simply don't leak.

firstmum45 Wed 12-Sep-07 16:58:25

thanks for info have tried lidl nappies for two days and i'm impressed. They do not leak dd likes them they also suit her "shape".

Very petite with slim waist using lidl size 4 and of course good value for money.

My only negative is that they are slightly bulkier pampers easyups but not as bulky as the morrison ones.

chocbiscuits Wed 12-Sep-07 21:47:22

Hello, we have just left nappies (except at night) we've tried a number of brands but Lidl were our favourite to be honest and really liked the stripe that turns blue if a wee has been done since it has saved a few nappies in the long run.

Also would say that it seemed when Ds was at a certain size (just into size 3 was the worst I think) there were leaks in just about any nappy.
Huggies served us well too, but he turned out to be allergic to those aloe vera nappies and wipes so pampers were out.

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