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My Wee Friend

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kaykay Sat 08-Sep-07 19:48:37

Has anyone tried 'My Wee Friend' stickers? If so what did you think and can you buy them in Bristol?

dissle Sat 08-Sep-07 19:59:40

never heard of them.
can you not just get some snazzy ones from Smiths?
what are they and what do they look like?

kaykay Sun 09-Sep-07 11:44:32

My Wee Friends are stickers that you place in the bottom of a potty. When your child goes to the toilet the sticker will turn from black to a picture. Meant to encourage them to want to wee in potty. The sticker then fades back to black awaiting next wee.

insywinsyspider Sun 09-Sep-07 21:05:17

think i saw them in nct catalogue, they have an online shop, not used them tho as ds not old enough, hth

katz Sun 09-Sep-07 21:08:29

we have just put one in dd2's potty and i have to say not impressed, she only does very small wees and gets nothing from the wee friend for her effort.

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