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2 yo DS adjusts "the boys" at night time and wakes up saturated..... Help

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melander Wed 05-Sep-07 07:17:33

Being delicate here, my son seems to like to "adjust the boys" as he's falling asleep at night. As a result the nozzle has been pointing upwards and he's woken up drenched and screaming at 1am with a dry nappy.

I'm in Australia so brand names may not help but I was wondering whether anyone had any ideas to help this? Could I put two nappies on him??? He is very obliging and behaves really well for nappies.

I have never used cloth nappies *me bad* but does cloth work better to prevent little hands adjusting things??

twentypence Wed 05-Sep-07 07:20:30

No, ds will get his hand down anything at the moment.

SAHMof1 Wed 05-Sep-07 17:13:29

What about an all-in-one onesie/bodysuit/vest that poppers at the crotch. That will stop him getting to them, unless he learns how to undo the poppers between his legs.

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