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Holding on to wee

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akent Mon 03-Sep-07 13:38:14

We are Day 4 in to potty training. DD tells me she needs a wee (much hopping around also), picks up her potty, puts it in front of TV (obviously this is where we do wees in this house), makes decent attempt to get trousers off and sits down. And then wriggles, moans, hops up and down and ^won't let it go^.

She might let a "teeny tiny wee" out. And then another. And then perhaps a bit more. This morning it eventually got too much and she wet her trousers and became hysterical.

She has told me every time she's done a wee on the floor and is very aware that it is coming out.

After her nap today we had a repeat of telling me she needed a wee but refusing to let it go. She just hopped around uncomfortably.

She's clearly got good bladder control and has been naked and dry through each of her afternoon naps. She is young (20 months), but there are some really postive signs there. I just think she is getting too upset to continue.

Wise words?

scattyspice Mon 03-Sep-07 13:47:59

Sounds like she's doing really well. DD (2.5) is on day 15 or 16 (loosing count) and is no where near as far on (co operative).

DD often does a little wee in the potty then a big wee once pants and trousers back on (Grr). I thinkbladder control is still hit and miss at this age.

Don't give up.

bagpuss Mon 03-Sep-07 13:50:25

My dd did this but was a whole year older than yours at the time. Not really sure what fixed it in the end. We did persevere with sitting her on the loo until one day she let it go and we all cheered etc etc which seemed to get the message across.

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