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what age where your lo's dry at night?

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widgypog Sun 02-Sep-07 18:56:33

My dd is 3.9 and although she has been out of nappies in the day for well over a year she still has a pull up on at night.she is wet about 2/7 nights and sometimes she is dry for a week or so at a time and I think oh this is it I can take them off but then a wee. Shall I just take them off and let her wet and she will get it or wait?
P.s she is bright normal child who fully understands she needs to wake up to wee but is a fairly heavy / good sleeper. advice please

NAB3 Sun 02-Sep-07 18:57:54

Nothing you can do. You can't train children to be dry at night. It is all to do with hormones. I would wait until you have had 2 weeks of her being dry at night before you remove the nappies. It has nothing to do with how bright you child is.
There are 100s of threads on this.

NAB3 Sun 02-Sep-07 18:58:11

As in, we have all been there!

widgypog Sun 02-Sep-07 19:00:33

oh ok..sorry didnt mean that because she was bright she would 'get it'. that was worded badly. I have read lots on here and I understand that is the general consensus but my friends son has been a bit confused because he still has them on at 7 (her words not mine)..thanks for the reply

NAB3 Sun 02-Sep-07 19:01:05

He won't be the only 7 year old still needing nappies at night.

ejt1764 Sun 02-Sep-07 19:02:19

She will not be dry at night all the time until she starts to produce the hormone which suppresses urine production at night. Until then, you'll be on a hiding to nothing! It does sound like she's getting there now ... here's some info.

"The brain produces many hormones, one of which is called ADH, anti-diuretic hormone, or vasopressin, and this hormone is responsible in part for allowing us to remain dry throughout the night. Infants do not produce much ADH and certainly not in the cycles of day/night that adults produce. The eventual "kick-in" for ADH cyclic production is unknown but sometime in the second and third year of life the secretion pattern of this hormone begins to resemble the adult version. But only in 60% of children! The rest wait for this to happen gradually and meanwhile have variable success at night dryness." from this site

FWIW, ds was dry during the day at 22 months, but not dry at night until 4yrs 3months.

peachypie Sun 02-Sep-07 19:02:55

Hi, I think all children are different so I can not really give advice. They are dry when they are ready i think. My DS was 3 and dry at night it simpy happened that i forgot to put a nappy on him one night and was dry in the morning. I didnt put one on after that and there was only a couple of accidents.
DD was 2.7 (now 3.4)and was waking up with a dry nappy and weeing in the morning on the toilet, so I thought I would try her, so far there has been a dozen or so accidents (even last night) but continue to leave her without a nappy. She either wees in the morning or wakes in the night to have one. I always make sure they both have a wee before bed but I never cut out drinks before bed.

Hope this helps and good luck!

widgypog Sun 02-Sep-07 19:03:55

ok thank you both

Snarf02 Sun 02-Sep-07 19:36:28

my lo was out of nappies at 22 mths and went dry at night almost 3 wks later we had not tried for this but she kept waking up at night for a wee and sometimes slept through whole night dry and then was dry more and more and one night said no nappies wear knickers so we decided to go for it and just put her in a nightie and bought some extra waterproof cotton sheets instead of paying out for a disposable each night and she has not had an accident in 4 wks since she stopped wearing nappies. I think it might be genetic this hormone and i potty trained at 18 mths and was dry at night pretty much soon after.

juuule Sun 02-Sep-07 20:42:23

dd1 was 5y+.
dd2 was around 2.5y.
dd3 was the earliest at 24m.
ds3 was 8/9.
The other 5 were around 3-3.5y.
A bit of a mixed bag really. Your dd will be dry when she's ready.

Biglips Sun 02-Sep-07 20:44:58

My SD was a late developer as she was out of her daytime nappies by the time she was 3.5 yrs old (She lives with her mum and her mum was too lazy to do potty training) and was out of her nighttime easy pants when she was 6.5yrs old.

Hulababy Sun 02-Sep-07 20:47:09

DD was 24 months when out of nappies day time. She is now 5yo and only recently consistently dry at night, and even now has lapses especially if she has drank anything other than water from lunchtime onwards,

morningpaper Mon 03-Sep-07 07:29:02

WOW this is really interesting (about hormone production) - a useful nugget of info

roisin Mon 03-Sep-07 07:46:02

Reliably dry at night:
5 yrs - ds1
6.5 yrs - ds2

I was a lot more chilled about ds2 than ds1 even though he was a lot later getting it.

(Both were dry daytimes at 2 yrs btw.)

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