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Best disposables to prevent night time leaks???

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Balders Fri 31-Aug-07 10:58:23

I have an eight month old girl and currently use Pampers Active Fit or Baby Dry disposables. Just lately her wee volume at night has increased dramatically and I am having to change her bed sheets every morning as she is sopping wet - nice! wink I think the problem is that she now sleeps on her tummy, so the nappy leaks at the top of her waist as there is too much volume at the front, the back of the nappy remains relatively dry. I have read the reviews and see that Tesco is top rated, but I have used these before and I had problems with the tabs - some did not have any "stick". Has anyone else had this and can recommend a remedy? Apologies if this has been answered in a previous thread - there are so many, and being a new mumsnetter thought I would start a new thread. Thanks for any advice.

MingMingtheWonderPet Fri 31-Aug-07 11:13:53

Maybe put her in a bigger size nappy at night, and do the nappy up slightly higher at the waist?

snowleopard Fri 31-Aug-07 11:27:01

We use huggies superdry at night - the packet has a little "dry for 12 hours" logo on it and they do seem to work. Or you could try putting on a second nappy on top, much higher up at the front? Lastly, I think you can get special nappies for boys that have more absorbency at the front - have a look out for them.

nailpolish Fri 31-Aug-07 11:30:22

sainsbury own brand are good too, better than pampers and huggies IMO, but tesco are my favoruite
maybe you are using the wrong size? could you go down a size? maybe the fit is not snug enough and its leaking?


divastrop Fri 31-Aug-07 11:33:52

i started using pampers easy-up pants as soon as my ds2 and dd2 were mobile.i had been using the baby-dry(i always found the active fit ones leaked all the time),but once they were wriggly babies i could never get them done up right and they would end up leaking.

im sure pampers nappies are getting smaller, dd3 is nearly 6 months and already in size 5shock.

i used to use huggies on my older 2 but found they leaked.they well have improved now but pampers keep sending me money off voucherswink

nailpolish Fri 31-Aug-07 11:35:01

but the pull ups are so expensive

nailpolish Fri 31-Aug-07 11:35:36

size 5? are you sure that isnt too big? they are supposed to be v snug

JARM Fri 31-Aug-07 11:35:46

pampers baby dry are the only ones that seem to keep my dry overnight, everythig else leaks!

JARM Fri 31-Aug-07 11:36:57

my 2 are in size 5 at 22mnths and 3yrs

nailpolish Fri 31-Aug-07 11:37:01

sorry, that was rather patronising blush

Macdog Fri 31-Aug-07 11:46:51

I have always used Tesco/ASDA own brands with my daughter who is now 18months old.

EscapeFrom Fri 31-Aug-07 11:50:36

Mine is in size 5 at 16 months, and has been since he was one. Porky thighs.

EscapeFrom Fri 31-Aug-07 11:51:06

FWIW I think Morrison's own brand are fabulous. Much better than branded.

Balders Fri 31-Aug-07 13:46:43

Thanks everyone for the advice - I think the size is right - she is in size 3 which is 9 - 20lb, and she is 17lbs - and I don't have any daytime problems and she is getting really wriggly now - it is just at night-time. Right, I'm off down the shops nappy shopping now! grin

BalletMum Fri 31-Aug-07 13:55:51

At 17 lb I think she would need size 4 as the sizes overlap...

divastrop Fri 31-Aug-07 15:38:46

NP-i cant get 4+ nappies on her atall!she is in 9-12 months clothes as 21 month old has only just gone into a size 5 and is still in 12-18 month trousersshock

i get the boxes of pull-ups which arent too bad at the moment as tesco and asda seem to be having a nappy price-war and the boxes are only £8 in asdagrin.having 2 in nappies,though,i cant be bothered with trying to put normal nappies on a toddler,its too much like hard work.

sweetkitty Fri 31-Aug-07 15:41:40

Tesco's own brand are the best disposables ever, I bought some Pampers Active Fit last weeks and they are rubbish loads of leaks.

My two (3.1yo and 19 months) are both in size 4's still

horsemadgal Fri 31-Aug-07 16:53:05

I like Lidl best.
And the pull ups are fab too, only ones that don't leak with DS.

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