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wonderoos pocket nappies- what are they like then?

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preggersagain Thu 30-Aug-07 14:33:02

i have had one for a while but it only gets worn once a week so isn't being washed constantly. Was wondering how good they are for full time regular washing? Do they stay as waterproof as it is atm?

nappyzone Thu 30-Aug-07 15:10:20

is it the old wonderoos by wonderworks or hip hip baby - i have a few hip hip ones in my stash and i would say they get worn 2-3 times a week and they have worn well - infact no fading and doing good. it has weathered better than my bumgeniuses which are hammered a fair bit in fairness but just doesnt last as long iyswim.

FlameBatfink Thu 30-Aug-07 15:42:39

The hip hip ones are great, the wonderworks one much less so.

nappyzone Thu 30-Aug-07 15:46:16

i prefer aplix otherwise i would have more.

curlywurlycremeegg Thu 30-Aug-07 15:50:15

I think it also depends on how old the woderworks ones are the ones I bought for DD 2.5 years ago are fine but I know the ones they made before the stpped trading were not much good.

preggersagain Thu 30-Aug-07 15:58:07

ta for that info! its the new hip hip ones! will add a few more then!

maveta Thu 30-Aug-07 15:58:15

For several weeks now these have been my main nappy alongside my bambineos and I think they are great. They get washed about 2-3 times a week and they wash well, last 3 or 4 hours and no fading or anything on the colour.

preggersagain Thu 30-Aug-07 16:06:25

I was impressed by a trial one i had, but i was a bit concerned that they may deteriorate with a lot of washing- but it seems not! I'll stick with my fluffles overnight i think!

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