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3YO DD2 wetting herself lots

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inkstigmata Thu 30-Aug-07 14:26:01

Any tips? I have tried

--star chart
--starting the day in nice disney princess pants
--choccy buttons for successful wees
--telling her that's not what big girls do
--and finally showing no interest at all other than telling her to wash out her pants and go get new clothes.

But this has been going on for more than 2 months now. Before that she was a model toileter for at least 6 months.

There are possible reasons for the change (startingschool, arrival of DD3) that I can't do anything about. But if anyone has any other ideas for what to do, I'd be very grateful as I have exhausted my list. She knows exactly how to go to the loo, but she evidently wants to get wet.

Perhaps she is way to smart to be fooled by the feigned indifference. She goes back to school next week and they are not going to be too pleased.

Thanks in advance

luciemule Thu 30-Aug-07 20:48:09

My 5.5 yr old daughter suffers from chronic constipation and because of this, also has wetting accidents as she's trying to hold in poos. I'm not saying that I think your DD is constipated though but my DD's problem all stemmed from the power thing when changes occured (like moving house etc).
Everything you're doing seems fine - the constipation nurse always says be very indifferent and don't make them feel as though they've been naughty because if it is about power,they'll think they've won a point.
Becasue my DD always feels bad when she soils, I wouldn't make her wash out her underwear but I just clean her up and ask her to go and get new knickers on.
I'm sure your DD will settle down into a better pattern once the new baby/school thing has sunk in! Good luck.

inkstigmata Fri 31-Aug-07 09:42:03

Thanks. She always goes to the loo for number twos (so far--thank heaven!). And when we're out she often wants to try public loos and does not seem to want to wet herself in the street. It's a home thing. I'm all but convinced it's power/control. Just frustrated that my efforts to be indifferent haven't worked.

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