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Ok we've started potty training ........ but so far havent managed anything on the potty!!

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mosschops30 Thu 30-Aug-07 11:44:59

I'm following her who must not be named. I have the toilet seat upstairs and the potty down here.
He's only been once (all over the bedroom carpet). I keep asking if he wants a wee or go on the potty but he just says 'no thanks'.

What am i doing wrong, I know in a minute he is going to pee all that he's saved up all over the floor!!

GF says I should have lots of ticks in my potty column hmm

mosschops30 Thu 30-Aug-07 12:29:09

bump ...I know noone cares about potty training threads but I could do with some help smile

chocbiscuits Sat 01-Sep-07 11:23:45

Think you will just have to persevere there mosschops - expect a lot more than one wee on the bedroom carpet!

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