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Potty training - help!

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Annieandclarabel Mon 27-Aug-07 20:38:32

*hello everyone*
just joined today so this is my first cry for help (smile)
tried potty training last week and my son took to it straight away. This week he has decided he is bored of it now and says 'goodbye toilet' everytime I get the potty out! Any tips? please!

Laura032004 Tue 28-Aug-07 11:28:44

Welcome to MN

Are you using any sort of reward or bribery system? If not, could you start one? DS1 had a sticker chart for the first few weeks.

Annieandclarabel Wed 29-Aug-07 13:02:26

Thanks Laura,

No I hadnt tried bribery but DS is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine so am sure I could think of something along those lines.
Wish me luck!!

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