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Probably has been covered 100s of times :) ds sort of fine with pt at nursery but a desaster at home...

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MrsBigD Fri 24-Aug-07 19:24:05

dd will be 3 in September and will be moving up to 'bigger kids' room at nursery. so thought to use that as an incentive for potty training and put him in big boys pants on Tuesday... he was fine at nursery and at least tries to go to the toilet when they take him.

at home however it's another story, in theory he knows what he's supposed to do just seems like he can't be bothered at home... I so far managed to remain calm and just strip him, reinforce neutrally that wees should be done on the toilet/potty but so far to no avail. Oh and I know that he know's what's supposed to happen because this morning he actually went to use his potty without me asking him to... argh

Any advise? Don't want to put him back into nappies now except for night... and I do make differentiation between daytime nightime by saying time for night nappy etc. so he knows he's not getting nappy during the day...

TIA off to do more washing now...

MrsBigD Fri 24-Aug-07 19:44:04


also should probably add when I try taking him to potty/toilet he's not very cooperative...

Aefondkiss Fri 24-Aug-07 19:47:33

I was going to suggest taking him every half hour or so, what about star charts/bribes? going pant free at home?

FrayedKnot Fri 24-Aug-07 19:49:27

You ahve to keep taking them every half an hour or so to begin with, ime

It took DS about 2 months to start actually asking to go / going by himslef (he was 2.4), before that I religiously took him every half to an hour. It was when I forgot that he had accidents.

Your DS is older so it might take less time for him to click, but I still think a week or two of keep taking, maybe even a little bribery wink

MrsBigD Fri 24-Aug-07 20:08:51

thanks for your replies, problem with taking him every 1/2 hour or so is that he gets frustrated because 'pipi not coming'. He 'obliges' to go every 1/2 hour or so at nursery due to 4 other children also being marched to the toilet at the same time but at home he gets really upset. as for bribes... I've got star charts or rather wristbands which I used for when he kept running away in the street and they worked quite well, but now they've lost their novelty effect... even dd (5.8) is trying to help and take him with her each time she goes to the bathroom to show him how it's done... oh and the other day he went all day at nursery (6h) without actually producing anything so he can hold it...

ah well another day tomorrow. What's weird is that he's semi fine when we're out and about (were out for quite some time today and only 1 accident) and then at home 4 accidents within 1h! hmm

chocbiscuits Fri 24-Aug-07 22:00:43

I didn't try the every half hour thing as Ds not able to sit on the potty for more than about 1 minute and gets cross. Instead we watched a free DVD from Huggies pullups about potty training (he seemed really interested in it although its quite dull and for grown ups rather than kids!). smile Then he went around with no bottoms on and I tried to catch a bit of wee and then he got to a stage where he did a half a wee on the floor and the other half on the potty then the next day he woke up and had the idea of the whole thing.grin
But he was very into the idea. Not sure if all are the same.

We dont have pull ups except very occasionally - have bigboy pants.

MrsBigD Sat 25-Aug-07 07:56:41

thanks chockbiscuits ds has been in pull-ups for ages as he's been going to the toilet for ages all by himself just before going in to have a bath or when we go to a swimming pool. So he defo know's what it's all about I think he's just trying to see how far mama can be pushed grin both my kids are that way

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