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Please help - acid nappies burning through skin

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SpeccieSeccie Thu 23-Aug-07 22:58:38

Ds (nearly 21 weeks) has been having a bit of a low patch with teething symptoms but over the last 48hrs things have got really nasty in nappies. He's been getting about 8-12 dirty nappies a day, they smell of vinegar and they've burnt through his skin leaving him with raw flesh and red 'blisters' along the line of his bum. On Tuesday afternoon the HV told me this 'nappy rash' was quite a normal part of teething etc, but I find it difficult to believe. For a start it is less like a rash and more like a burn, the skin is really hot to touch and ds is screaming in agony anytime we go near his nappies or even if he poos with his nappy off. The poo is really yuck oily greenish liquid. I've got some bepanthen which I've been putting on but it doesn't seen to be working very effectively.

Has anybody else experienced this with their dcs? Is there anything I can do? (I really hate seeing ds in this much pain. He's only asleep now because he has cried so much today he couldn't stay awake any longer.) TIA

JARM Thu 23-Aug-07 23:04:58

metanium cream

nappy free time


good luck, DD2 did this a lot and its so horrible to watch, but unfortunately, it is teeth related!

SpeccieSeccie Thu 23-Aug-07 23:07:11

JARM - thanks. How long did it last with your dd?

JARM Thu 23-Aug-07 23:08:32

once i started on the metanium, only 2 days or so.

we had tried bepanthan before, and it seemed to make it worse (yet had been great for DD1!)

Really hope DS settles down soon, its not nice!

haychee Thu 23-Aug-07 23:09:08

Change nappies as soon as they are soiled even a tiny bit, and try to leave the nappy off for as long as possible as often as possible.

Jenkeylovesdazzy Thu 23-Aug-07 23:12:12

a doctor told us to use metanium then vaseline on top. It did clear up dd's worst ever nappy rash. good luck, it's horrible seeing your lo in so much pain and discomfort.

FlameBatfink Thu 23-Aug-07 23:17:20

I find drapolene best for teething poo burns (and burn burns too!)

Are you in disposables or cloth?

SpeccieSeccie Thu 23-Aug-07 23:25:46

Disposables (but this evening I've been feeding him nappy off and letting him poo go on a towel. Still painful, apparently.) Would cloth help?

Thanks for the advice everyone. Metanium cream as soon as the chemist opens.

FlameBatfink Thu 23-Aug-07 23:31:26

I was going to suggest soaking your liner in chamomile tea and putting it on damp if he were in cloth, but disposables - you don't have liners . I would still be soothing though - just get a rectangle of fabric, soak it in the chamomile tea, wring it out a bit and put it inside his nappy damp.

SpeccieSeccie Thu 23-Aug-07 23:47:08

FB - right, I'm going to give the chamomile tea a go. I'm off to boil some and I'll put it in the fridge overnight to cool. Thanks for advice.

claireybee Fri 24-Aug-07 13:42:50

Yep my dd (15 months) has had this with every tooth. This time it is particularly bad though but I'm just leaving her nappy off as much as possible (although i have had to deal with poo on carpet and wee everywhere!)

NotADragonOfSoup Fri 24-Aug-07 13:46:13

Plain old vaseline works on BabyDragon's rash. As does Kamillosan which I had hanging around from bf-ing.

EnormousChangesAtTheLastMinute Fri 24-Aug-07 13:52:33

you can also use the camomile tea to clean nappy area rather than wipes or plain water. surprisingly effective. (let it air dry). good luck, hope things get better soon.

RubberDuck Fri 24-Aug-07 13:54:55

Metanium cream is the bees knees of nappy rash cream. Have recently used it with ds2 (who is now 3 years old) who had a bum as described after a couple of days of the runs (compounded by the fact he doesn't always TELL me that he's had an accident in his pants so if I don't notice instantly it stays against his skin). Put it on at lunchtime and it was TONS better by bedtime.

Mumpbump Fri 24-Aug-07 13:55:07

I second/third the camomile tea. Also, put some in his bath water. It works amazingly quickly for something which is a natural remedy. Hope he starts to feel better soon, poor thing!

RubberDuck Fri 24-Aug-07 13:55:08

Oh - be careful applying though - it stains fabric.

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