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nappy off time for toddlers-baaaad nappy rash

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claireybee Thu 23-Aug-07 16:36:07

dd is teething atm, and is par for the course has developed nappy rash (never gets it otherwise). It seems particularly bad this time with patches of broken weeping skin so am trying to give her as much nappy off time as poss. problem is, she is refusing to go in garden(think is a bit too breezy around her bits) and also due to teething is quite loose and frequent(unpredictably so) with her no 2's. Have a potty to hand which i managed to catch one poo in this am but am a bit edgy about my landlords cream carpet! How do u all manage nappy off time with a toddler who is into everything? or if not do you have any tips for saving a pooed on carpet?! also any quick cures for nappy rash this bad would be appreciated, the sudocreme and bepanthen just aint cutting it, egg white had no results and canesten doesnt seem to be doing anything either!

claireybee Thu 23-Aug-07 17:18:34

do u think using a disposable overnight would help? Just cos they tend to leave the skin dryer...
but then again am wary of making it worse, a change in nappies can often make her a bit red (tho it doesnt really develop into a proper rash...)

TheArmadillo Thu 23-Aug-07 17:25:08

Ds has had really bad nappy rash.

Dr told us to stop using wipes and to use salt water (about the strength of tears - we were told to taste it to check), and make sure the area was really dry before applying sudocreme. We changed the nappies every 1-2 hours and 1-2 times during the night.

Ds won't go without nappy except in bath, so I used to let him play in empty bath with crayons/paints for a while every day.

We use disposables, so if you are using real nappies it might be worth looking out for someone who also uses them. Though I've heard fleece liners are good for keeping the dampness away from the skin.

Ds's took about a month to clear up (it was really really bad) and is still slightly pink, but not sore.

TheArmadillo Thu 23-Aug-07 17:25:41

I stopped using real nappies cos he was constantly sore as is huge wee-er

lailasmum Thu 23-Aug-07 17:33:45

Fleece liners work really well if you are a cloth nappy user they keep the skin really dry, particularly for over night. Twinkle on the web also do some liners with silver in which kills bacteria. You can make your own fleece liners by just buying fleece fabric and cutting them to fit the nappy. Usually a sort of hourglass shape or curvy T shape works best.

The Earth Friendly baby creams are really good plus you could try using home made washable wipes solutions. Just type washable wipe solutions into google for lots of recipes. Then choose something with calendula or lavender or something like that in it. If it is because of teething it will probably clear up of its own accord.
You could try putting a small pair of pants on her just for going out in the garden if she doesn't like to feel too breezy.

Wouldn't recommend a switch to disposables with an active case of rash just because all those chemicals may make it worse not better in the short term.

momentrylapseofreason Thu 23-Aug-07 17:39:13

I found using cotton wool and water with a drop of oilatum in really good instead of wipes - really helps with clearing up /preventing nappy rash.

claireybee Thu 23-Aug-07 17:43:01

Hmm have been using fleece liners already. and using either plain water or weak camomile tea to wipe (mostly plain water since rash developed) and for particularly stuck on poo olive oil solution. Have been scared to try anything else in case it aggravates but i'll have a look.
a month?! your poor ds armadillo (and poor u cos it always seems to bother us more than them!)
Don't think is the nappies themselves aggravating it cos she is always rash free, just when a tooth cuts she gets sore

lailasmum Thu 23-Aug-07 17:50:24

reckon in that case that it will probably clear up of its own accord if you can manage the nappy off time.
At least it has a known cause. I always found that teething an nappy rash were strongly linked.
Maybe try the Earth friendly baby red clover cream as a barrier and hopefully it will clear up.

claireybee Thu 23-Aug-07 18:12:16

Thanks, have had two wees on the carpet and one on the sofa and one poo which partly landed on carpet before i could get to her since i first posted! Lucky the poo was quite formed-hopefully that also means the rest of the teething is over for the time being and the rash will soon go!
Thanks for the cream tip

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