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Tups Thu 23-Aug-07 15:53:46

I'm not worried but thought I would ask opinions!
Our daughter will be 4 in November. She never used a potty, went stright to the toilet at just over 2 years old so never had a problem there (and 2 wetting incidents in the day in that time).

DD wears PJ pants at night, she has gone to bed without them and a couple of nights are ok and then she will wet the bed and wants to wear her PJ pants agan.
We have tried all the normal of no drinks near to bedtime (hour or so before), wees before bed etc ...
Sometimes she has got up in the night for a wee (with me to go with her!), we have even made the bathroom string pull thing longer so she can turn the light on herself to make it easier.
I am sure she is more than ready, the little madam can sometimes hold her wee in all day (how I don't know!!) but not at night.

Apparently I was still in night nappies at 4 (I still need a wee about 100 times a day!!) but I'm thinking dd is using them as a comfort thing as now she doesn't want to go to bed without her pj pants on!

What does anyone think on this (I know this has been covered loads of times before and will probably be covered loads more in the future!).
Thanks for reading!

Olihan Thu 23-Aug-07 16:03:51

I don't know all the ins and out or biological explantions but there is a hormone that needs to be present before children can be dry at night and it can kick in anytime from potty training to age 6 or 7, I think.

My ds1 trained at 2.3 and was dry overnight immediately. Dd trained at 23mo and did the same. OTOH, my friend's dd who trained at the same time as him (same age) is still in pull ups at night, with no sign of being ready to go without yet (they're 3.8). So it all depends.

Do you think she is worried about her bedding/pjs being wet and the whole changing of the sheets palava? How about offering to swap her pj pants for one of the Pampers bedmats on top of her bottom sheet? That way, if she does wee, you only have to whip the mat away and replace it.

Tups Thu 23-Aug-07 16:13:17

Pampers bed mats, didn't think of them, what a good idea! WIll try that one. I just get fed up of people telling me that their child was dry at night at 6 months old (joke but you get my drift!!) and why isn't our daughter dry yet.
When she wee's at night she wee's for England!! I think the sensation wakes her and sometimes she wakes and it is freezing which she hates aswell (obviously!)
We are going abroud next weekend for a week, do you think we shoul dtry before or after?

Olihan Thu 23-Aug-07 16:16:47

I'd go with after, personally. Being in a strange place tends to do odd things to children's bladders and sleep habits ime .

UCM Thu 23-Aug-07 16:17:01

I use pampers bedmats and one can last for a couple of months, I lift DS on the loo at around 11pm but if we forget he has had a few accidents, they are great.

Tups Thu 23-Aug-07 16:20:43

thanks for that, will go and get some. I know I am being a bit thinck but have not seen them, am I right in assuming they go under the sheet? (have got a plastic sheet on the bed aswell)

Olihan Thu 23-Aug-07 16:22:38

I put them under but they have big long wings that tuck under the mattress so they could just as easily go over the top of the sheet and not move about too much.

Tups Thu 23-Aug-07 16:24:54

(also just noiced my spelling errors-sorry! Not checking before sending!)
Thanks for the advice

Tups Thu 23-Aug-07 16:25:14

done it again!

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