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Night nappy suddenly not working!

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insywinsyspider Tue 21-Aug-07 09:13:04

ds 15 mo in tots bots size 2 with nippa (has been since about 6 mo) with mothease wrap, still fits him fine, on Sat night he slept 7-7 and nappy was damp but not soaking, sun night dh did bath and bed and with had soaked through ds by 12am, put it down to wrap not being put on properly but then I did bath and bed last night and had soak through at 2am... nappy was sopping wet, he didn't have anymore drink than usual before bed (has 7oz ish of milk) any advice? is it a one off do you think? I work 4 days a week am 24 wks pg and so so tired, was hoping 2am wake ups were a little way off yet, he took an hour to settle after nappy change, don't want to use disposables, but never boosted nappies, do you think I need too? with new baby on way I've saved my money for new born samll wraps and don't want to spend it unnessarily on boosters if its just one of those freak things....

lillypie Tue 21-Aug-07 09:21:49

Hi, I got a tip from a friend and use micro-fibre cleaning cloths (89p for 3 from tesco) to boost night nappies.

They work perfectly,although I don't put them next to her skin,I fold into a long pad and use between the nappy and the wrap.

insywinsyspider Tue 21-Aug-07 09:29:15

thanks lillypie - got tesco delivering shopping this evening so worth adding to my order!

FlameBatfink Tue 21-Aug-07 10:23:32

Yup, just need some boosting

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