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Incentivising children to potty train!

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VickyLouise Mon 20-Aug-07 11:31:01

I'm going to try to start potty training with DS, he's not really very keen on the ideas so I thought I'd try to incentivise him to make it more fun.
What has worked for other people?

scattyspice Mon 20-Aug-07 11:33:02

Sweets, grapes, rasberries.

JackieNo Mon 20-Aug-07 11:44:24

Stickers. Extravagant praise.

littleboo Mon 20-Aug-07 14:46:43

We're just in 2nd week, loads of stickers, little sweets ( buttons etc), huge amounts of praise and celebrating, phoning dad, nanny etc. And the hardest bit, loads of patience!!!

makesachange Mon 20-Aug-07 15:17:03


Weeing was fine - stickers did the trick for us. Poos were a bit more of a problem and I eventually offered chocolate.

That backfired as he then decided to try to poo at every possible opportunity and I'm sure nearly ended up with piles!!!

I caught him sitting on the loo, swinging his chubby legs, chanting to himself "do a wee, get a sticker. Do a poo, get some chocolate".


makesachange Mon 20-Aug-07 15:17:34

I wouldn't mind but he turned 21 last week.

chocbiscuits Mon 20-Aug-07 21:17:47

lol makesachange!

VickyLouise Mon 27-Aug-07 11:37:11

Thanks for all this advice! Are there any nappys / nappy pants that you've found are better than others? aRE THERE ANY POTTYS BETTER THAN OTHER ONES?

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