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Trying to potty train 28month old ds...

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JammyK Thu 16-Aug-07 11:27:27

Hiya. My ds is 28 months old and I feel that he should at least be getting started on potty training now. I introduced the potty to him about 6 months ago and he sits on it about 2 or 3 times a day. He usually does a wee when prompted.

I thought he was ready for full-on potty training so I put him in pants on Tuesday. I've been reminding him about the potty every 30-40 mins. I've been giving him stickers as a reward when he's done wees in the potty. So far we've had more accidents than successes. Two of the accidents have been poos. I don't know whether or not to stick with it or maybe he's not ready and I should put him back into his pull-ups. I'm finding it very hard and also have a 6 month old so I don't want to keep doing this for another week or 2 if I'm not going to get anywhere.

Also, ds is due to start pre-school in September. They don't mind if he's not potty-trained but others have said that I should try to get him clean before he starts there as I'll find it hard once he has as he'll be out for 2.5hrs every day.

Sorry this is so long. Any advice you could give me would be great, thanks.

JammyK Thu 16-Aug-07 11:31:08

Forgot to say that he has delayed speech. He can only say about 18 words. But obviously can't tell me when he needs a wee or a poo.

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