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Silk liners - how do I wash them etc.?

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Manictigger Wed 15-Aug-07 15:41:38

The instructions etc seem to be in German. The symbols seem to show that they are handwash only but would I get away with putting them in a gentle wash? And what detergent do I use? (Am starting to think they might be more trouble then they're worth actually...)


curlywurlycremeegg Wed 15-Aug-07 16:16:58

Hand wash only I am afraid and dry flat if possible AFAIK

Washersaurus Wed 15-Aug-07 16:30:02

They are handwash only, but I have put mine in the machine (too much bother to handwash IMO ). They might have shrunk a tiny little bit but are perfectly OK otherwise.

People don't honestly handwash them if they have poo on them do they?? <<vom emoticon>>

Manictigger Wed 15-Aug-07 17:32:42

Thanks people. They look rather large to begin with so some shrinkage might be welcome. Do I basically treat them the same as fleece ones then (apart from the drying flat)?

Lucyand2 Wed 15-Aug-07 20:30:50

I just stick mine in the washer with everything else and I haven't bothered drying them flat either. They do seem to have gone a bit crunchy

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