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Starting out - too early?

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chocbiscuits Mon 13-Aug-07 21:53:44

Ds is nearly 2yr 2mo and often says No to putting on a nappy and runs away V.V. fast. Bought him some pants and he's shown a lot of interest and clearly understands the potty is for wee-wee (and possibly poo but we're not thinking about that yet).
The key problem is that he hasn't actually ever said that he wants a wee let alone got on the potty and done it. I've spent the whole day trying to see if he's ready. And he HARDLY ever wees! Started at 9.30. Weed half on the floor about 10, I managed to catch a bit. Then i put a nappy on for a bit coz he was asking for it and he weed in that. i took it off again and he didn't wee for HOURS. He then may have weed about 3pm whilst I was doing the washing up but he was also playing with some water and bubble mix! Sounds ridiculous but I wasn't sure whether he'd done it or whether he'd mixed up a peculiar wee-looking mixture with the water and bubble mix!!! Did have a slight authentic smell. Gave him the benefit of the doubt and celebrated anyway. Then after tea he ran outside and weed out there, then again another hour later (after we'd nipped out briefly in pants).
The problem is that am not sure he's ready but he's really got excited about being a big boy and wearing pants. Spent ages grinning widely and saying 'big boy' and running about clutching his pants and saying 'pants good'. Shall I persevere??? Have taken a week off work to stay at home and have a go, me this week, then Dh next.

carol3 Mon 13-Aug-07 22:09:02

yes persevere, if hes seeing at as positive thing then, he will probarly have no probs. My son was the same age when he did and desperate for thomas pants! only had a few accidents in the first week. and od ones after that.
Both my girls where under 2 and very insistant and wanted to do it and I didn't have any problems with them either.

I think if the lo wants to do it let them, also as your son goes long periods without weeing he proberly is ready physically.

BabiesEverywhere Tue 14-Aug-07 10:23:22

Sounds like you are doing great

littleboo Tue 14-Aug-07 10:26:05

chocbiscuits- join us on " anyone starting today, we're in potty land and we can all help each other, sounds like you're doing well

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