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2.5yr old DS dry during day and night but poos in pants - any ideas?

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Corky Sat 11-Aug-07 22:24:32

I am now entering week 3 of potty training my ds. He is my second child and seems to have gone straight to the toilet but will go on the potty as well, although I think he prefers the toilet as he sees his sister using it! He asks to go to the toilet for a wee and his night time nappies seem to be dry most days, however, he is doing his poos in his pants. Obviously I don't scold him, but try and encourage him to do it in the toilet next time and then we flush it away.

I feel he's done really well and don't really want to go back to nappies, but not sure how to encourage him to poo on the toilet or potty?

Any ideas?

Flibbertyjibbet Sat 11-Aug-07 22:42:57

My ds1 recently potty trained and was better at pooing in the loo than weeing.
Everyone said that was very unusual as boys in particular seem to take longer to get the hang of pooing in the loo.
3 weeks is still early, just keep encouraging him. My ds isn't dry at night so your boy is obviously advanced in one part of potty training and will catch up on the pooing soon.

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