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Nappyholics, help me convince my sister.

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MrsDoolittle Thu 09-Aug-07 17:08:20

She is 6 months pregnant, she's tentatively said to me she would like to try reusables but her dh is very suspicious.
I'm aware that the Environment Agency has produced a study, although I haven't read it, which says that reusable are not more environmentally friendly than disposables. Her dh relished supplying me with this information.

I have said that it might be a good idea to wait a couple of months once the baby is born until suing reusables - I need her to be strong and I know she is likely to struggle poo.

She has asked me to send her some links, which I will do once I have researched the best possible selection to get her started.
I know that Swaddlebees Organic Velour newborn is a start. I also think she has to try a bambeasy, they are particularly cute once poppered down

So please post your suggestions. Be sure that they melt the heart of the most ardent sceptic - her OH.

(I think he thinks I must be a bit Herdy-Gergy)

Thanks you

mozzybear Thu 09-Aug-07 17:17:32

Wait until her DH has changed a couple of up to the neck jobs and tell him

"Reusables don't do that"

MrsBadger Thu 09-Aug-07 17:17:43

they are so sweet and tiny even strong men coo over them

(IIRC the EA study washed everything at 90C and tumble dried it or something equally stupid)

Bushnels Thu 09-Aug-07 17:18:59

But why are you so determined to convince her. Aside from the enviromental issues and the claims that they are better for the skin (all of which could be true) do you not think that having a baby is hard enough without so many many people trying to tell you the right and wrong thing to do.

FlameBatfink Thu 09-Aug-07 19:02:59

She has asked her - it is not going in all guns blazing without being approached. Why not offer support? If she was interested in breastfeeding and her husband wasn't convinced would you say the same thing, or say to offer support?

Bimbles and diddy diapers are gorgeous. Something like a Bambinex teddy has the fluff factor.
Preemie Fuzzis are nice and small, but look like a disposable.

I know from demos - swaddlebees melt the heart, bimbles look cute, bamboo (of any kind) gets stroked, and teddies are cuddled.

juuule Thu 09-Aug-07 19:24:00

Let him know how much money it will save

WigWamBam Thu 09-Aug-07 19:24:19

You could always point out to her dh that the Environment Agency's study was flawed, and has been pretty much discredited.

The people who did the study assumed a very much "worst case" scenario - that washing was being done in tiny batches at least once a day, that the nappies were always soaked in chemicals before being washed and were then always tumble-dried and ironed, and that they weren't going to be used again for another child.

They also believed the information provided by the manufacturers of disposable nappies, who said that disposable users use non-flushable liners and always scrape poo down the toilet.

Plus the study was of 2000 people - but only 32 of those people used real nappies.

MrsDoolittle Thu 09-Aug-07 19:26:41

That's great Flame, I'm an Easy Peasy nappy fan myself

I thought the swaddlebees would have the 'very pretty factor', although I have seen them in RL.

What the difference between a bimble and a poppered down bumble without an insert? Are they much smaller?
I wonder about a bimble in bamboo with poppers?

Obviously economics is another factor, her dh says that reusables may not be cheaper than disposables. DS was budgeting about £300 to set herself up. Now I've spent ALOT on nappies, but I doubt I've spent that much.

If I forget about the bumgenuis that is

MrsDoolittle Thu 09-Aug-07 19:27:49

Thanks for that Wigwam - I shall use that information

FlameBatfink Thu 09-Aug-07 19:28:06

Can you get bamboo bimbles??? Ooh do they do a size one bambeasy??

tikibinx Thu 09-Aug-07 19:29:04

Well i really recommend fuzzi bunz....

I used motherease onesize with my ds and found them dreadful, as they always leaked were a pain to put on and the wraps (me airflow) gave him marks around his legs ...

When my dd was born i decided to ditch the me and settled on fuzzibunz. i love them! they are pocket nappies so i stuff them all the night before and then they are ready to use next day and as convenient as disposables. They are slim fitting and come in loads of really gorgeous colours (?we use lilac and bubble gum)

They wash on a 30 degree wash (v environmentally friendly! and they dry so fast i never tumble dry them - just pop then on line for an hour or over the radiator during the evening and they dry even if it is not on!)

Plus.... they look really really cute, save me a fortune (esp using fleece liners and washable wipes) and my wheelie bin fills up at HALF the speed!

juuule Thu 09-Aug-07 19:29:15

And from the Women's Environmental Network website
why parents should still use real nappies
Environment Agency nappy report is seriously flawed

tikibinx Thu 09-Aug-07 19:31:56

oh and on the cost side.... i only have 6 fuzzibunz so that is about £60-£70.... i just wash them each night. we very rarely have to dip into our emergency stash of motherease x

FlameBatfink Thu 09-Aug-07 19:34:55

Cost - it can be as little as £60 or so with flat terries, and up to £400 if you use AIOs and wash every 3 days with enough not to tumbledry.

Most is around £200 in total. The best comparison is that an average pack of disposables costs slightly less than one nappy/wrap. 18-24 nappies (depending on how often you wash) which can then be used on later children too.... try buying 24 packs of disposables and getting to potty training with several children!

nappyzone Thu 09-Aug-07 20:30:42

Im with tikibinx on the tiny fuzzis theme - an oh who is unenthusastic can be turned by a fuzzi - my dh is proof of this, when i put my first ever shaped on ds then put on a mothereease wrap which i had carefully chosen with print to appeal to his childishness he was like 'uhh yeah there alright arent they' and then when my US order came and i put him in his tiny heiny and fuzzi he was like oh yeah cool and proceeded to make all our visitors stroke the fleece - i think i need to order in a ov swadders for newborns to see - i know im of on a pocket one again but just putting on one piece is so much easier than 2. Saying that i wouldnt recommend going out and getting all of one thing anyway but maybe if she/ he had one to paw it might help as he may have a fixed image in his head of terry fluffy nappies that might not do it for him

claireybee Thu 09-Aug-07 20:31:46

I actually think it is better to start straight off-that way you don't have the huge transition from skinny paper bum to big cloth bum, it took me quite a while to like my washables when i was used to disposables. Also newborn poo doesn't require any scraping etc, u can just chuck nappy in bucket covered in poo then wash. If you are used to cloth you are less likely to give up at that horrible inbetween sticky yet runny poo stage.
Kissaluvs size 0's are another melt your heart nappy, even my dh said they are cute!

FlameBatfink Thu 09-Aug-07 20:34:22

Yup, I agree with starting straight away - it seems like work when you are suddenly faced with it after chucking them away for weeks.

claireybee Thu 09-Aug-07 20:39:26

My sister doesn't have any choice-I've told her I'm passing my nappies on to her when she has babies AND SHE WILL USE THEM! . she doesn't quite get my addiction. Yet.

kerala Thu 09-Aug-07 20:47:21

Where does she live - is there a laundry service?

I have been using one for a year called Nappy Ever After. You just pop the cotton nappies in an air tight bin and every week they collect them (in an electric van!) and deliver new clean ones. Its been great and very environmentally friendly as they are washed centrally. Plus you dont have to bother washing them yourself. In our area (Camden) the council give sizeable grants to people to use the service.

Think its good to try and spread the word about reusuables. Think of the huge advertising budgets the disposable nappy companies have to spread their message - good to counteract that abit.

nappyzone Thu 09-Aug-07 20:49:57

i know if i win tthe lottery (in my wildest dreams) i would love to run an advert in prime time tv !! Wonder how much that would cost - probs the sposie companys will have some kind of hold over the advertising company. Oh i can just see Nappyzone poppingup between corrie lol!!

kerala Thu 09-Aug-07 20:56:30

I agree that would be fab. And all the advert would just need to show would be lots of smiley roly babies in their snuggly large bottomed reuseable glory.

Cant stand the disposable ads they really get my goat.

Washersaurus Thu 09-Aug-07 21:01:21

Use them straight away - my DS2 (born last week) has been happily wearing his bimbles and diddy diapers....and looks gorgeous! Well they are hand-me-downs from DS1, but he doesn't mind

Aswell as the other points raised I would also add that washables make it easier to detect when the nappy is wet than disposables. They contain no weird and nasty gel crystals etc. They are better for babies skin. Your bin won't be full of pooey nappies. You can sell them on to someone else after you have finished with them and reclaim some of their inital cost.

It also makes me feel strangely smug and satisfied to see my fluffy nappies drying on the line in the breeze

nappyzone Thu 09-Aug-07 21:07:14

awww congrats on your new ds

FlameBatfink Thu 09-Aug-07 21:14:04

Ooh yay Washer!!!

tikibinx Thu 09-Aug-07 21:15:24

Ditto the smug feeling!!! It's sad i know but mine are alway hung in full view..... and suprisengly often my nappies 'accidentally' fall out of my changing bag - last week i converted 2 people to the joys of washables this way! Hehe...... master of persuasion....

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