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Night poop/nappy problems with toddler - please help!!!

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tikibinx Thu 09-Aug-07 14:06:03

Okay i have a big toddler poo/nappy issue at the moment - can anyone offer any advice or share experiences of this problem?!

My daughter wears washable nappies.... Fuzzi bunz during the day and motherease sandy at night with tots bots fleece wraps on top.
However, on holiday we used disposables and the problem was just as bad!

Every morning my daughter poos in her nappy, but instead of waking up and crying/yelling to be changed, she wakes up and puts her hands into her nappies trying to remove the poo! Needless to say the result is one really gross mess with her covered from head to toe in poop, and the cot needs scrubbing each morning and sheets etc washing. It is becoming such a nightmare and takes forever in the morning. Plus, it is not great for her and pretty disgusting to wake up to!

We have tried putting her in babygroes but she undoes the poppers and it is too hot for a sleeping bag at the moment..... vests dont work as she gets into the nappy through the legs. Tights over the top of a vest were working but now she has learnt to pull her tights off.

I am tearing my hair out - has anyone else had this problem? I am in serious need of help here!!!

My daughter is 17months.

MrsPuddleduck Thu 09-Aug-07 14:14:37

Do you still use your monitor so you can hear as soon as she wakes.

Or could you set your alarm for before you know she is going to wake up?

Can't believe I am going to suggest this....... swimming costume - just until you can break the habit?

tikibinx Thu 09-Aug-07 14:19:59

Ohhh.... thats given me an idea! Might try putting tights on UNDER a swimming costume she she can get in through the leg holes! She will look rather daft but maybe that would work??!!!

We dont use a baby monitor as we are just next door so hear her as soon as she cries. I am such a heavy sleeper though that i am not sure i would wake up if she was just awake but quiet! Worth a try though, thank you! x

MrsPuddleduck Thu 09-Aug-07 14:21:11

Good luck!

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