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Best fold for flat nappy for toddler boy

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Lovage Thu 09-Aug-07 09:55:47

My guilt about using disposables has finally got too much for me and I'm going to give my pile of secondhand terry squares a go. I've found lots of websites suggesting different folds (NappyLady, Kittykins) and some of them say which ones are particularly good for newborns but what I want to know is what's most likely to work well for an almost toddler boy. I don't want to be put off by leaky nappies if it's just because I've done the wrong folds.

Relevant info (I think) is that he's:
a boy!
12 months
nearly walking
small and slim
very very wriggly and hard to change

In addition to the squares I have nappy nippas and PUL wraps (although will need to buy more of these if really going down this route - am just experimenting before spending money at the moment)

Any suggestions very welcome!

EscapeFrom Thu 09-Aug-07 10:00:07

I found that folding it into one long pad (in thrirds) then folding the top third back over to create double thickness at the fron, then putting it on like a sanitary pad worked well for ds2

juuule Thu 09-Aug-07 14:16:34

Bat fold (origami fold)is the best fold I've ever used. Also make sure that all the nappy is covered by the wrap. That's around the legs and at the waist. Sounds obvious but I've known people who've complained about leaking nappies and it was the wrap that wasn't on correctly.

FlameBatfink Thu 09-Aug-07 19:03:45

<wanders off to look up Bat/origami...> got a few bamboo squares and am playing

FlameBatfink Thu 09-Aug-07 19:06:48

Ooh that looks like it will be much better than my previous attempts!!!

Heartmum2Jamie Thu 09-Aug-07 19:29:48

I did what EscapeFrom did on my 3yr old ds the other day and made sure the cover was over the whole nappy and it worked well. Wil have a look at the bat fold though!

Ariela Thu 09-Aug-07 23:25:54

I think for that age this one looks the neatest, as it's fairly flat cross the back
Fold all the points to the centre to make a smaller square, fold into 3, fan the back leaving a pad folded in 3 at the front, and lay ready on the wrap...grab baby, remove old nappy and clean, then put on nappy: pull front pad up between legs, bring the two back corners round the waist and Nippa onto the front pad.
Instructions on

Lovage Fri 10-Aug-07 10:14:41

So for the sanitary towel one , do you not pin or nippa the terry at all? Doesn't it slide around? Although I guess if the wrap is tight enough it would be okay.

I experimented with a fold I found on Nappylady yesterday (can't remember the name now but fold all corners in to middle, then fold in two sides more at bottom than top, so you end up with a sort of V shape) and that worked fine. He had it on for 5 hours with no leaks. The only thing was that he had a mark across his back where the top of the wrap had dug in. Not sure whether I can adjust that in future or whether it's because he's getting to the top of that size. Although I gather you want to keep the wrap on the snug size, is that right?

Anyway, I'm feeling really encouraged and, ashamed to admit, a bit excited! How nuts is that! But I'm quite a green and penny-pinching sort of person, so I'll be very happy if I can go over to these 2ndhand things that were given to me and not feel so guilty about the landfill. Am planning to try bat/origami fold and ST one next.

He's at nursery this morning so wearing a disposable. Nappylady reckons you do best with fitted nappies for nurseries, which I can see because of the multiple care givers. Anyone had any luck getting nurseries to do folded nappies? I would of course prefold them.


FlameBatfink Fri 10-Aug-07 10:26:29

Not tried - I am planning on sending pockets for nursery.

Excited is only the start of the slippery starts off with different folds... then a different style... then before you know it you have enough nappies to not wash for a week, and all of them different

asur Fri 10-Aug-07 22:28:38

I started using origami fold for DS1 but as he got bigger, have changed to Gaynor's fold - says it is for girls but I have found it really good for DS! He is a heavy wetter but it contains really well. Plus, it's quick and easy to fold which is always an advantage - even DH can fold it!

Heartmum2Jamie Sat 11-Aug-07 14:08:00

ROFL!! That was the only one I didn't look at, what with having a boy! I will have a look!

Lovage Sat 11-Aug-07 21:17:05

Thanks, will try that.

Origami fold didn't work - wasn't long enough to pin. I don't quite understand how, but I tried with several different slightly different shaped squares (cos they're secondhand they're different thicknesses and some have gone rectangular) and none of them were long enough.

Did the fold I described below again today and one worked fine and the other leaked all down his trousers. I think that was because it was a very thin old terry so just wasn't absorbent enough. Although I'm a bit disappointed that the wrap didn't catch it more (wrap is a snug fit and there was no terry sticking out anywhere).

Will try again but maybe in a few days - I am also trying to stop bfing him at night at the moment so having terrible disturbed nights so this feels like too much to get my head round at the moment. Just little things like working out where you put the wet one while you put the new one on, where the nippa goes so he can't cut himself on it (don't fancy between my teeth!), what to do with the shitty wipes etc. I'm sure we'll work all these out, just haven't got the spare brainpower at the moment.

juuule Sat 11-Aug-07 22:18:35

Origami fold - you can adjust the rise by pulling the single layer (not the pad) at the back and adjusting that way. Do you have any nappy advisors near you that could perhaps come and demonstrate for you? It's so much easier to understand if someone can show you.
As for what to do with the dirty nappy, nippa, wipes etc, have some sort of waterproof mat with the changing mat (even a spare plastic carrier bag will do) and plonk everything on that until you've sorted out your ds. Then it's dirty nappy in bucket, wipes in the bin and the nippa will be on the new nappy.
For absorbency, Little Ewe terries are amongst the best that I've tried. I think that you can also get a larger size of terry than the standard 60cm square which might make folding easier. Although I only ever needed the 60cm and used the origami fold until my babies were 2y6m or more.

FlameBatfink Sat 11-Aug-07 22:46:16

Where abouts are you? I'm happy to try and help hunt out advisors for you

I used a little ewe for the first time the other day and it is looooooooovely. Got some bamboo squares too which are fab - lovely and slim, they started off 65x65 but have shrunk to about 60x60 after the first wash... was expecting some shrinkage, but not quite that much

Have used origami twice now and am loving it. My mum is sniggering at me - all the fancy shaped ones I have, and now leaning towards squares!

Lovage Sun 12-Aug-07 20:47:34

Thanks for suggestions! Will try origami again, also Gaynor's fold. I do know my local real nappy advisor - bought the wraps and nippas off her before DS was born along with a few different types of fitted nappies. Will definitely go and see her again once back from hols.

He's still getting a mark across his back where the wrap digs in. Does that suggest it's too small? Think it says up to 10kg and I'd guess he's 9.5kg.

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