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Help - desperately need old-style nappi nippas!!

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rhead Sat 04-Aug-07 08:19:52

Anybody have one or two of these kicking around in the back of the cupboard? Doesn't need to be new as long as it grips and it's still stretchy! I've heard about the newer snappi's not gripping certain nappies well and have just experienced it firsthand. I also just preferred the older design... Here's a link to a photo so you can see what I mean, I'm looking for the ones that have solid circles at the end of the arms, not rings, if that makes sense - the red one in the picture!¤t=snappi.jpg

Can anybody post me one or two to France if I cover postage plus a small donation? Thanks mamas!!

FlameFlamingo Sat 04-Aug-07 09:39:37

The circles are the newer ones... I have the ones with the rings I'm afraid, or even the newer ones again that are mainly filled in but a small slit at one end of each circle.

Which nappies aren't they gripping?

rhead Sat 04-Aug-07 09:44:17

Old-style Little Lambs with shot velcro (and evidently short loops or pile or whatever you call it). I had one older snappi left which works okay but the newer ones just slide off. Boo!

FlameFlamingo Sat 04-Aug-07 09:59:34


rhead Sat 04-Aug-07 10:30:07

Surely in the vast network of mums someone will be able to dig one or two up for me!

claireybee Sat 04-Aug-07 13:51:22

I have the ones like the red one and got them quite recently from Babykind. Also got sent one from Babaloo when bought a nappy but don't know if they sell them seperately. Sorry but I'm afraid I use mine!

FlameFlamingo Sat 04-Aug-07 13:55:02

Babykind ones are now the different ones again - I can send you one of those if you want to see if it is any different? Just email your address to bumfluffnappies at gmail dot com

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