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i just got my first swaddlebees ocv newborn!!!!

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preggersagain Fri 03-Aug-07 10:15:13

oooooh- how am supposed to get any work done its gorgeous (and pink!!!- do you think its an omen? i didn't specify a colour just wanted a trade sample!)

anybody have a baby i can borrow as mines not cooked just yet (only 8 weeks!!!)

Flamestorm Fri 03-Aug-07 10:16:56


preggersagain Fri 03-Aug-07 10:18:34

cow !!! its gonna cost a fortune- but at least i get trade prices i suppose!!

Flamestorm Fri 03-Aug-07 12:32:00

preggersagain Fri 03-Aug-07 13:31:03

what wrap now? do nature babies still do the gingham print? Not keen on ME wraps- don't like fussy pictures and find the cut somewhat unflattering!

Flamestorm Fri 03-Aug-07 19:46:46

Yup, they do gingham prints still

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