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Help! Shall I carry on, anyone got any advice!!??

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tammymum Thu 02-Aug-07 11:13:46

Left my DD until now to potty train (2.9), as had baby in May. as I thought we were 'over' the new baby now started potty training on Tuesday. Had several accidents, couple of wees on both Tues and Wed, and poo'ed in pants both Tues and Wed. Have given up on her wearing any now til we can sort pooing on potty.

Has anyone got any tips to help her poo on potty? Resorted to showing mummy pooing today! Mums loose any embarrassment with child birth I think!

Have to go to Drs with baby this afternoon, and dreading thought of DD weeing or worse in waiting room!

KITTENSOCKS Thu 02-Aug-07 13:52:55

I have no personal experience of this, my DS was trained at 2.6 in conjunction with day nursery, all sorted in a fortnight, no problems with potties, loos, other peoples loos, anything. He would say "potty!" and we went pronto. There were still accidents, but mostly he was very reliable.
Other people on mumsnet have offered sweets, sticker charts, presents, etc. You could try getting a dolls potty for her favourite doll or teddy to sit on while she's on hers, or maybe she doesn't like her current potty much, would one of her choosing help, or a loo seat? And you could always say you'll ring daddy/ auntie/nanny to tell them the important news when the poo is well and truly in the potty! Sounds over the top, but might just work if she wants their approval.

twocutedarlings Mon 06-Aug-07 19:21:14


Both my girls didnt poo in there potty staight away, DD1 was turned 3 before she would poo on the potty !! She was 2.7 mths when she refused to wear nappies. i would have left it longer as i to has a young baby at the time.

DD2 Again decided that she wouldnt wear nappys at 2.5 mths, and it took around 2 weeks for her to start and do her poos on the potty, she was alot easier to potty train but she had a 4 year old big sister to copy.

You say that she poo'ed in her pant, not sure if this will help but with both of my girls i left them with no pants on at home for about a month,DD2 who is now 2.9 months still very really pulls her clothes/Pants ect down before she uses the potty.

Personally i would try to potty train her at home first and put her in pull-up for outings, and if she is still having lots of accidents at home then maybe leave it a few weeks and try again!!

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