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Pea pods pocket nappies- anyone using?

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LizaRose Thu 02-Aug-07 10:11:46

I have just noticed these and they are so much cheaper than any other pocket I have seen I was just wondering how they perform. I have just ordered a bumGenius to try because I have seen them raved about, but if pea pods do the job that could save me a few pennies!

nappyzone Thu 02-Aug-07 10:31:44

They are fine for the daytime but dont last my ds as well as a bumgenius or fuzzi. That said i do have a couple in my stash and sell lots and many people come back for more so they must be good for them, the regular ones are being replaced with bamboo ones (same nappy just a different insert).

lubyluby Fri 03-Aug-07 08:35:20

hi, i ordered soem pea pods from australia as like you thought they looked good and were cheap. but they were ru8bbish to eb quite frank.

they leaked through the pul and i emailed pea pods they said to tumble dry on hot which i did and it actually made it worse.

the inserts are good and i use those now in other nappies but def worth paying out for more expensive nappies thta work.

i find fuzzi bunz good.bum gennius are the night time nappy we use stuffed with the insert that come with it and the pea pods insert work well over night and lucy sleeps 12 hours a night. and i also like wee notions pocket nappies and blueberries.

LizaRose Fri 03-Aug-07 09:20:29

Thanks for the replies! I've yet to try the bumgenius as it's stuck in the post but sounds like it will be a better option.

Jojay Fri 03-Aug-07 09:35:38

I like them - I've tried Fuzzi's and Wonderoos, and find them better than either of those.

It may be worth trying one to start with, as there are so many varying opinions on pocket nappies.

They don't last all night, but I am get to find a pocket that does.


nappyzone Fri 03-Aug-07 11:20:59

i am finding with my customers they either love or hate em - its one of those fickle ones i think like a swaddlebee that if you get on with is brill.

LizaRose Fri 03-Aug-07 15:01:22

bumGenius turned up and looks nice! Although my average-sized 11mo DD seems to need it on the largest popper setting .

nappyzone Fri 03-Aug-07 19:03:42

i love my bumgenius - my ds who is 9 month old but is long also has his on the largest setting - he was on the middle setting up until about 2 weeks ago when i think i just forgot to set it at the middle one and it worked well so thought why not! I need to up my stash for when he starts nursery and will be upping the stash with bumgenius and fuzzis. I am really thati have to go back and leave my boy.

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