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3 1/2 pooing in his pants

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Dibsie Wed 01-Aug-07 18:40:06


My son is quite happy to use his potty to wee (although he waits until the very last minute) but cannot be persuaded to poo anywhere else but his pants. We've tried the promise of sweets, a new toy or even a trip to his beloved McDonalds but none have worked.

When he goes back to nursery in September he's very likely going to be the only still in pull ups! Any ideas what we can do?

nell12 Wed 01-Aug-07 18:47:06

HE WILL NOT be the only one pooing in his pants or in pull-ups, I promise you!

Try not to make an issue of it, there are many reasons why boys poo in their pants; even down to they dont like the sensation of something falling out of them.

Are his stools (sorry!) the right consistency? Is he uncomfortable when pooing? Does he poo at around the same time every day? Apparently, blowing bubbles makes children poo easier, sit him on the loo with a pot of bubbles!

Try going out and letting him choose some new pants, that are special and he would not want to spoil.

Nursery should not have a problem with this (if they are any good) and will support you and ds as much as poss

Can you tell that I was there too with ds??!

EscapeFrom Wed 01-Aug-07 18:52:29

I was there with ds1 - can I ask, was he at all late to speak?

Have you tried leaving him completely bare bottomed for a week? Then graduate to very roomy boxers. The tightish sensation of pants is the feeling they get used to pooing in - does he ever poo bare bottomed?

Dibsie Thu 02-Aug-07 08:09:26

He wasn't late to speak at all. In fact everyone said he was advanced for his age.

He doesn't poo at the same time (sometimes not even every day) but, by the look of his stools, doesn't seem to have trouble.

He actually pooed in the bath the other night and it seemed to really freak him out! I was very careful not to make a fuss - just scooped it out and let him watch me flush it down the loo!

I hadn't thought of leaving him bare bottomed but will try whilst he's on summer holiday. Then I'll take him to choose some boxer pants and see whether that helps.

Thanks to you both for your advice.

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