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Can anyone help dd keeps taking her nappy off....

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ScoobyDooooo Wed 01-Aug-07 09:25:34

DD is only 19 months & every morning she has taken her pj's off & her nappy, she has then either done a wee like this morning or a pooh like 2 days ago.
She hates it & screams after she has done it in her cot, also if she is running around in just a nappy in the lounge she will take her nappy off.

What do i do? i have tried putting her to bed in a vest & her pj's but still she manages to strip off. Do i need to buy a potty? surly not at this age? she is very bright & intelligent little girl & anyone who meets her always thinks she is oldre than she is.

Please help i am sick of washing all the cot stuff everyday!

coppertop Wed 01-Aug-07 11:12:14

Dd (16mths) has started doing this. I've just started putting her in pull-ups and she hasn't yet realised that they can be pulled down. You could also try either putting the nappy on backwards so that the tabs are at the back and difficult to undo, or put some tape over the tabs so that she can't get the nappy off.

Good luck.

kyala Wed 01-Aug-07 17:02:40

LOL I have images of you guys strapping your DD's up in electric tape!!

My DD has started stripping but I put her in a bodysuit and she doean't know how to undo the poppers yet! Have you tried a baby bag or maybe a sleepsuit with poppers at the back?

I can always make you a couple if you want?

Otherwise It'll be a case of checking her every hour until you know exactly when she's going and getting her on the potty!

lailasmum Wed 01-Aug-07 17:07:19

I take it you use disposables? Buy a couple of popper fastening washable nappy covers (mother ease Airflow probably the best) and put one on over the disposable. That should solve the problem.

NAB3 Wed 01-Aug-07 17:18:46

MY DD started asking for knickers at 17m but wasn't too bothered about a nappy going on. I don't remember her taking it off mre than a couple of times.

ScoobyDooooo Sat 04-Aug-07 12:38:13

Thanks everyone for the advice, she actually kept her nappy on this morning, i put a shorts all in one baby grow on her with poppers under the bum & she did not bother to take it off. She is however taking it off if running around the house just in it & also is recognising when she has done a poo or wee in it so i really think she is ready for a potty, she had taken the nappy off about 10.30am this morning & had got a wipe & was standing there wiping herself clean as she had just done a wee in her nappy.

I am going to get a potty tomorrow i think & just see what happens, personally i think she is ready she hates being dirty with just 1 wee in a nappy, so we are going through loads of nappies due to her taking them off everytime she wee's.

ScoobyDooooo Sat 04-Aug-07 12:38:50

Oh & also she loves fifi so am going to see if i can get her some fifi knickers bless my baby is growing up fast

fussymummy Sat 04-Aug-07 12:44:14

Hi scooby, hows things with you and yours?

Woolworths sell 'Fifi' knickers.

Had to get some for my 4 year old!

ScoobyDooooo Sat 04-Aug-07 13:06:34

Hi Fussy, we are doing ok, we moved into the 2 bedroom flat & things are alot better on this front, just a shame no garden but we just go to lots of parks when the sun is shining!
I am not on the Ad's anymore toke myself off them & have been feeling alot better in genral it has taken alot of strain of us as a family, probably looking at being here for about 2 years though.

As for fifi knickers will have a look over at woolworths as dd is loving fifi & also noddy at the moment, 19 months & buying knickers it sounds crazy, ds was 2.4 before he started potty training! it's all god though.

How are you?

fussymummy Sun 05-Aug-07 00:25:20

I'm good thanks.
Kids driving me nuts today, especially my 6 year old!!!
Pleased to hear that you have your own place now. Thats great news. Took them long enough!!
No ADs? well done you.
Think i'd be a complete psycho without mine!
Mostly level headed with them, and feel fairly normal!!!
Its better to have a place with no garden than no place at all!!

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