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Have read too much advice on washing nappies...

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Leo35 Thu 26-Jul-07 15:04:27

and now wondering if doing the right thing.

Using pre-folds, dry-pailing with drops of tea tree oil to stave off the whiffs. Not overly zealous about washing all the poo off in loo-flush/getting off with loo roll. Wash every 2 days (pail usually full by then) on 60 degrees with small amount of ecover liquid. Don't add an extra rinse of vinegar, don't wash in disinfectant. Should I be more worried about this system - given it's a lazy bones system?!!

None of us have come down with anything like a tummy bug etc. Barely any stains on the nappies - usually dry outside. Obviously not doing so today! Have read some of the other threads on here about washing nappies, and on Nappy Lady etc and wondered if I ought to be more careful?

Thinking of buying Tots Bots bamboo nappies next (currently on Cotton Bottoms prefolds, and not that willing to repeat the experience) any opinions? Did you get ME wraps or Tots Bots wraps to use with them?

Any advice much appreciated.

laundrylover Thu 26-Jul-07 15:14:40

Hi Leo,

Your washing routine sounds fine and I also only wash at 40 most of the time, especially if they are going to hang out in the sun...I wish. I use about half the recommended dose of liquid (I use Clear Springs and find it better tham Ecover BTW).

I also use prefolds and have for both kids however I also experiment with other nappies for night time and would recommend Bambineos (were Wambamboos) if you want to go down the bamboo route. Motherease wraps every time for me.

Check out Flame's site in the small ads -'Bumfluff nappies'. She's a mumsnetter in the know and even tie dyes nappies.

RuthChan Thu 26-Jul-07 15:19:07

I agree with you that there is far too much conflicting advice out there.
Personally I wet pail with tea tree oil.
It's interesting that you use it in a dry pail.
I don't add vinegar or anything else to my wash either.
I remove solids from the nappies and give them a quick rinse through before bunging them in the pail. In the morning I give all the nappies a spin to remove the dirty water and then wash them together with all my other washing.
How's that for a lazy bones system?!!
I wash in cold water because that's the system in Japan. (The detergents here are designed for it)
I just use normal detergent, nothing specialised.
Yup, everything gets dried on the line and the sun bleaches out any lingering stains.
I've been doing it like that for 7 months now and all my nappies are beautifully white (apart from my unbleached natural cotton ones!)

I have used prefolds, but now that DD is older I only use tots bots original cottons and easy peasy nappies bumbles. I love both!!! They are easy, reliable and great as birth to potty nappies.

I use ME wraps and love them.
I have also used Tots Bots wraps. They are good, but I have to say that ME wraps are more reliable.

Are you now feeling that you have even more excessive nappy information?!!!

CarGirl Thu 26-Jul-07 15:31:46

okay my easy peasy wash rountine.......

Flush of poo then dry pail (nothing in bucket at all)

Every day or so (I do lots of washing 6 people in household) I bung in the machine do a cold rinse then spin cycle, add in other whites, wash at 40 as normal (virtually no powder, often use soap nuts etc)

That's it!

For explosive breast poo I def recommend bumbles one size type thing, I like my bamboo shaped nappies but they do take ages to dry hence I tend to do a white wash everday to get the dry in time - but I am surviving on 12 nappies though! HTH

laundrylover Thu 26-Jul-07 15:37:28

Your posts are making me laugh!!

I too add bedding and whites (sometimes tea towels to my nappy wash because I don't have many pale things.

LOL at 'explosive breast poo' - formed a picture in my mind which wasn't pleasant.

BTW are you involved in the new nappy survey at all? I signed up on MN but the thread was a week or so ago....

CarGirl Thu 26-Jul-07 15:39:41

yep done the survey! Use prefolds for my first in cloth they were a disaster, exploding breast poo, 10lbs6oz birth weight and a very heavy wetter!!!!! Have been there and tried nearly every nappy on the market up until 2 years ago. Bumbles double boosted were the only thing for her!

nappyzone Thu 26-Jul-07 15:45:58

Hiya - i agree with the others that your washing regime sounds fine - i wash at 40 and blast a 60 through once a month. Nothing fancy going on in our laundry! I also second the comment on bambineos (now bambinex) - i sell alot of these and they are very similar to tots bots if not a bit better. I am here also - fell free to contact me for any free advice. I dont have the tie dye talents of flame im afraid though if that is your requirements but i do nice deals for mumsnetters!

laundrylover Thu 26-Jul-07 15:51:03

Blinkin eck nappyzone I can't keep up with the name changes! I liked Wambamboos personally and seems much easier to remember - who is doing their marketing I wonder?

I can't even look at your ad or I'll be tempted as am I'm trying to get dd2 dry by Sept it would mean I would have to have another baby.

nappyzone Thu 26-Jul-07 17:00:11

my website cant keep up with them either lol! i rejoiced when dd was dry - i will cry this time !

FlameParakeet Thu 26-Jul-07 17:03:22

I'm the same as nappyzone I prefer Bambinex to the Bamboozles

The name changing is all down to international marketing (starburst/opal fruits etc)

Leo35 Thu 26-Jul-07 21:23:46


thanks for the reassurance on the washing regime. Will stick to what I know at present.

Need to wash the nappies out as DS is getting a bit of nappy rash at the mo, but it's still bl**dy raining! If I tumble dry the whole lot it'll bankrupt us and of course bring about the demise of the planet.

Did I read some where that LOs can get a bit skin sensitive to tea tree oil? Surely it would have rinsed out on 60 degrees? Prob just washing liquid residue???

Thanks for the advice on the bamboo nappies. will do some more searching and check out the Mumsnet small ads for Flameparakeet and Nappyzone's sites. May be will continue with the pre-folds and buy a better wrap...

Thanks again. Nobody I know in RL uses clothies, and I'd be lost with MN to ask for answers to Qs.

nappyzone Thu 26-Jul-07 21:26:08

awwwwwww, were a fluffy lot who like to help! Good luck and happy shopping! Will it ever stop raining . I have 3 nappies left and a pile of soggy ones - i can feel some stock pilfering coming on lol!

FlameParakeet Thu 26-Jul-07 21:55:24

I'm Bumfluff btw

The tea tree can stay for quite a while iirc. I don't use it as DS seems to have a very sensitive bum anyway (poor little man is currently in a soaked silk liner again )

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