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using nappies at naptime in early potty training days....

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americantrish Tue 24-Jul-07 11:29:02

....todays day 4 of potty training ds (who's 3). and he's tired enough for a nap today, but i'm a bit worried putting him in a nappy for the nap may confuse him? (he still wears a nappy at night.) :I sigh... i dont have enough faith he will stay dry for an hour or 2 for the nap.

KITTENSOCKS Tue 24-Jul-07 12:25:29

Nappies during naps or sleep don't confuse as they have no control then. Take them off as soon as he wakes up. If he naps on the sofa, a good tip is to cover the seat area with Pampers bed mats and put a fleece throw over the top this can stay there all the time and also catches spilt drinks and sickness as well as accidents while training. Fleece is easy to wash and dries quickly.

barbamama Tue 24-Jul-07 12:31:16

Hi I went through this and tbh I think at some point you kind of have to go cold turkey so that - at about day 3/4 I left him in pants for his naps and put one of the Pampers bed mats under him - in the event it was fine and he gave up naps soon after but I think you kind of have to show faith in them so they know something is up and the routine has changed. While I was using nappies for naps, car journeys etc we weren't really getting anywhere but once I stopped with the nappies (bed pads were great - one under his sheet to protect the mattress and initially one under him as well for naps) it happenned very quickly - less than a week. I think they need to wet themeselves and poo themeselves at least once in their pants (hard to let happen I know) so they know what ot feels like and to want to avoid it.

americantrish Tue 24-Jul-07 12:53:14

i make sure i explain to him why the nappy is going on then, since he looks confused thanks for the tip about using fleece! (he's been sitting on a 'magic' towel in the living room!)

he doesnt always nap... he's only home two full days a week and maybe one of those days he'll nap, sometimes not.

oh he's been wetting and pooing himself quite a bit the last few days! (more wets than poos, we've having better pooing in the potty success than weeing in it!!)

Dodaday Tue 24-Jul-07 15:41:30

My DS is still in nappies at night, and not very reliable during the day. I always put a nappy on him at nap time, because I can't be doing with wet clothes or bedding and the like. I suggest you do the same, because there's plenty of time for them to become fully trained, hopefully!

americantrish Tue 24-Jul-07 17:27:26

that's how i think now, dodaday; its still very early days in potty training, the dryness at nap and bedtime will come..and probably by the time it comes at night, he wont be napping at all anymore!

barbamama Tue 24-Jul-07 19:02:17

Wht ask then if you've already made up your mind?

americantrish Tue 24-Jul-07 19:05:11

barbamama > notice the time of my post. it was this morning. :P

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