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Nappy addict?

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claireybee Sun 22-Jul-07 14:14:58
I got 82%...didn't think i was that bad! No wonder everyone glazes over when i start talking about nappies!

pigsinmud Sun 22-Jul-07 15:24:16

76% for me!

cameleon Sun 22-Jul-07 18:00:56


nappyzone Sun 22-Jul-07 18:30:25


tutu100 Sun 22-Jul-07 19:02:11

72% oh I'm slacking.

FlameDelacour Sun 22-Jul-07 20:29:02

Only 78%

archiespregnantmummy Sun 22-Jul-07 21:52:41

Only 72 for me, Wow you people really are addicted LOL

bagpuss Sun 22-Jul-07 21:59:17


kreamkrackers Sun 22-Jul-07 22:51:49

72% for me, i think the last question let me down as i put that i'd be made up to not be washing nappies anymore

claireybee Mon 23-Jul-07 11:17:07

Flame did you lie on some of the answers??? I refuse to accept I am more of an addict than you-its your job fgs!

nappyzone Mon 23-Jul-07 13:51:11

in fairness it just said would you consider being a rep or soemthing - it didnt say are you raving mad and retail the things having them all over your house and taking over your life in which case im sure flame and i would have got nearer in the ninetees!

FlameDelacour Tue 24-Jul-07 07:48:29

I think it's because I don't hassle people in rl about it.

I am scared to death of rl people, so don't mention nappies unless someone asks as I don't like fighting my corner - tis all too much like confontation.

claireybee Tue 24-Jul-07 12:05:36

LOL i know what you mean. I am however partial to a bit of leaving dd with nappy/wrap showing as much as possible in the hope people will mention it!

archiespregnantmummy Tue 24-Jul-07 13:35:07

LOL claireybee me too

hippopowell Tue 24-Jul-07 13:46:24

Ahh!!!! So I'm not the only one. At play groups my dd always wears dresses, and as she is mucking about her dress just may happen to flip up to flash a bit of a wrap. I never hurry to put it down.

nappyzone Tue 24-Jul-07 14:22:58

i say he crawls better without his troos on (which is true) at m and baby so whip of his jeans and always make sure hes in his brightest funkiest pocket!

FlameDelacour Tue 24-Jul-07 17:23:12

DS normally "runs away" before I get a chance to get his jeans back on

archiespregnantmummy Tue 24-Jul-07 18:17:06

LOL you guys really are show offs .

I just let the back bit show slightly over this trousers, obviously I'm not doing enough

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