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Booklover Sat 21-Jul-07 14:01:02

That's really interesting. My ds (just over 3 years now) is not doing a poo in the potty or toilet. He doesn't wear nappies during the day but still needs them at night so first thing in the morning he does a poo in the nappy (or sometimes at lunch time when he wears a nappy when he sleeps). He keeps saying " No poo in nappy" but won't do it on the potty, if we take nappy off first thing in the morning and he has not had a chance to do a poo he will just not do one all day. I have also promised him sweets etc and although he loves sweets (who doesn't)it has not worked. Would be great if someone has had a similar problem and could give some advise.....

NannyL Sat 21-Jul-07 16:13:46

dried apricots and prunes

NO banana.... should help get things going!

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