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just got advice on tackling refusing to poo in toilet or potty

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Cathpot Thu 19-Jul-07 21:23:09

Had refreshingly useful chat with health visitor today about my 2 and half year old who is potty trained for wees (for about 5 months now) but refuses to poo unless I put a nappy on her and she can get in the towel cupboard or behind lounge curtains. Any attempts to encourage her onto loo or potty for poo and she reacts very badly, we have tried bribery and have 3 presents waiting for her for the day she decides to go and she is happy to talk about them but wont attempt it. Anyway HV pointed out that currently it is too big and scary a step for her to move from poo in nappy to poo in the loo in one go so suggested:
think of small achievable steps on road to the toilet goal eg only pooing in the bathroom towel cupboard not in lounge, then pooing with door open, then pooing still in nappy but next to toilet etc. Each stage rewarded with sticker chart or similar. At same time take a neutral 10 minute period each day where she sits on the loo but there is no expectation for her to do anythin ie 'Practise sitting' Get bag of toys that she only gets at this time. Gradually move this time towards the time of day she normally poos. When she is relaxed with sitting for longer periods on the loo give her blowing games like a kazoo or balloons or bubbles as act of blowing squeezes down on stomach muscles and might squeeze one out! have no idea if this will work but very nice to have a plan!

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