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Washable Nappies, which one???? help

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diddle Wed 18-Jul-07 17:58:16

I am considering using re-useable nappies on my new baby and haven't got a clue where to start, which brand is best/most absorbant and easiest to use? and are they worth using over disposables???

FlameDelacour Wed 18-Jul-07 18:04:51

DEFINATELY worth using over disposables (soo fluffy if nothing else ).

Best brand, most absorbant etc... tis a minefield!

If you think about the order of importance you put these things in: drying speed, slimness under clothes, cost, ease of use and email me (bumfluffnappies at gmail dot com) with a list in order of importance, we can go from there and work out what would suit your situation best.

CescaD Wed 18-Jul-07 18:35:27

Hi - I would suggest going to a baby fair where you can get your hands on a few different brands and see which you like. I looked at quite a lot of real nappies and ended up choosing Modern Baby. OK, so they are a slightly bulky and they are made with bleached cotton. But they are super soft, I love the gorgeous gingham shades, they fit really well cos of the velcro (some real nappies use poppers), they wash really well, and most importantly my daughter seems comfy, no nappy rash at all. All good really.

Difers Wed 18-Jul-07 18:49:27

Am really happy with Totsbots, reckon about £225 for total set up costs. Much cheaper than disposables. there was another thread on here a few days ago where loads of people said how much their nappies had cost them which is worth a look if you can find it.

CescaD Wed 18-Jul-07 18:52:41

Yup - mine cost around the same amount for the whole caboodle.

nappyzone Wed 18-Jul-07 19:30:53

seeing them in the flesh helps although the sellers on here do give really good advice so if you cannot get your hands on any have a good luck on the websites advertised in the classified section under small businesses - most inc myself are happy to give free impartial advice - thinking about what flamedelacour mentions helps you decide what to go for - its a good choice to make - i love em - totally addicted to cloth!!

MrsCurly Wed 18-Jul-07 21:31:58

Another massive vote for cloth. I have motherease one size although they are old now and I'm sure there are new and slimmer ones. I love them. They never leak poo (unlike disposables). They only leak pee if you don't ensure the outer cover completely covers the nappy, or if you leave them on for more than four or five hours. And at night time you just snap a booster in for more absorbency. They dry fairly quickly (overnight on a pulley). But the other posters here are right, speak to nappy sellers like the ones here or the

I went in to it all for environmental reasons but the big, big benefeit really is cost. Especially with subsequent children.

And whenever you need to just ask for advice here - I've learned so much from others on here. It's an amazing resource.

LittleMissLate Wed 18-Jul-07 21:57:41

Definitely try a few different ones - I didn't think I'd get on with poppers but now much prefer them to Aplix/velcro or using a "nappy nippa". I mainly use bamboozles, little lambs and motherease one size (these last ones are stocked by Waitrose). The motherease airflow wraps are the best I have tried (also in Waitrose). I had a couple of leaks with a Kushies all-in-one nappy - I don't use it unless I run out now! Worth looking out for second hand ones - I got some in my local NCT Nearly New sale - also try the Nappy Lady classifieds. Some websites do sample packs with different brands.

I think they are great - no trouble to use at all - I use flushable liners so the poo goes down the toilet then just bung the nappies in a bucket (no soaking needed) until the next wash goes on. There is definitely a cost saving - depends on which you buy and how you wash/dry them but I estimate several hundred pounds (and thats before they get used on another child)

I do tend to use a disposable overnight now dd is sleeping through the night (12 hours between changes) but some people do manage with using them full time. I also plan to use disposables whilst staying in a hotel next weekend but will use the washables when we are on holiday staying in self-catering with a washing machine

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