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Night Training - should I just go for it?

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Flibbertyjibbet Wed 18-Jul-07 00:10:01

DS1 very successfully potty trained a couple of months ago. At first his night nappy was quite often dry and he would wake up and shout wee wee if he wanted a wee in the night. He was still in a cot. Now he doesn't wake up in the night and the nappy is usually wet in the morning. We have recently taken the side off the cotbed so he can get in and out, and I'm wondering whether to just go for it and see if he can be dry at night. I am using fuzzibuns on him as he thinks they are more like a pant than his little brothers nappies but he can't pull them down and up himself.
My friend is saying to use disposable pullups but after 2.5 years of washing nappies (12 months of that for two of them!) I can't bring myself to start using disposables now. Any ideas? Or does anyone have any type of washable nappy pant that would do at first for night so that if he does wake up for a wee he can get used to going himself and not wake us all up screaming 'take it off!!!!'.
Any help much appreciated ladies! I am going to bed now but hopefully when I log on tomorrow tea time there will be some helpful advice!

Flibbertyjibbet Wed 18-Jul-07 11:06:55

bump for the day lot.
His nappy was dry this morning but we wanted a wee after falling out of bed at 1am...
Shall I just go for it and see if he is dry at night????

OhNo40 Wed 18-Jul-07 11:18:21

I've been wondering about this too. I have always used disposables so she is now in disposable pull-ups which are generally soaked. We have put a potty in her room but the only time it was used was for a "squishy poo mummy" which, naturally, did not confine itself to the potty.
I've almost decided that IF we ever get a summer I might just go for it. One night I forgot to put a nappy on her and there didn't appear to be a wet bed the next day (I think it was just a bit sweaty - either that or a very small wee). However, I didn't want to follow up at that point because we were due to go on hols and I wasn't going to risk two weeks nappy-less in a hotel bed.
No help to you at all, just thought I'd let you know I have the same dilemma.

witchandchips Wed 18-Jul-07 11:32:03

I'm just a bit behind you lot I think. I'm planning on waiting until we get a few dry nappies in a row and establish a tradition of a big wee in the potty just before bed.

Bummis do a good training pant but it may not last for more than one wee
see here

on disposibles don't forget that you can probably reuse them if they are dry so they are not as bad as they seem

OhNo40 Wed 18-Jul-07 11:34:46

I have a feeling that if I wait for a few dry nappies in a row she'll be in her teens before we do it. I think there is a certain amount of "I've got a nappy on so I'll use it". We do encourage a wee before bed but it doesn't seem to reduce the amount she produces overnight.

Flibbertyjibbet Wed 18-Jul-07 11:43:14

I had a look at the bummis but on the times he does wee in bed its a really big toddler wee, am going to try a motherease all in one that another mner has offered. I looked at the motherease bedwetter pants and am still reeling from the shock of the price! But perhaps they are aimed at older children who still wet the bed, not younger children that do seem to be capable of being dry at night with a little help.
I don't want to use disposables - its not the cost issue - he was used to the wet feeling of washables and I am sure that helped the very speedy potty training, so I would 'prefer' him to feel at night if he has done a wee so he can know not to do it iyswim.

GooseyLoosey Wed 18-Jul-07 11:48:30

Yes just do this. Have recently been through this with dd and after about a week of dry nappies told her that she didn't have to sleep in them any more and was that OK by her. She was really happy to be treated like her big brother. I leave a light on in the hall all night and their doors slightly open so that they can always see to go to the loo if they need to and she was told that if she wanted us, just to shout and we would be there (same with ds a year previously). DD has only ever got up once so far and we have had no wet sheets. SLightly harder with ds, for about 6 months he shouted for us several times a week during the night and now once every month or so I still get wet sheets.

Do have clean sheets readily accessible so you can put them on with minimum fuss and clean pyjamas and of course a waterproof undersheet!


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