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lissie Mon 16-Jul-07 09:34:48

about to start potty training. all the groundwork has been layed but, should i use training nappies? i was gazing at the feel'n'learn and the feel 'n' learn nappies in confusion. enlighten me please!

slinkyjo Mon 16-Jul-07 09:43:43

depends on the kid lol i used em with my dd they didnt work now using them with my ds and they have worked miricles with him, ive been using huggies pullups with the things on them that vanish if they wet themselves lol my ds doesnt like it when they vanish, and good luck

lissie Mon 16-Jul-07 09:44:58

he's 2.3 and has picked out pants. how do they work? do they feel wet? do they leak?

IdrisTheDragon Mon 16-Jul-07 09:47:06

I just used pants with DS.

With DD (who was rather younger) I used washable training pants at first, but quickly moved onto pants (and then sold on the training pants ).

muppetgirl Mon 16-Jul-07 09:54:09

I went straight to pants as we felt that the pull ups were just like nappoes and that he couldn;t feel. He sson learned the feeling of being wet wasn;t nice and quickly used the potty for wees.

We had pants for day and pullups for night time.

However, the poos were, and have been, much more difficult as he developed a little phobia about pooing and would save it until his night time nappy. I posted a thread on mn to ask for help and have now 'solved' this little problem and we are, at last a nappy free house.

We started when ds was 2.3 and the wees came pretty quick whereas the poos have only just really began to be in the toilet.

Each lo is different, they take the time they need and won;t be rushed! For us, pants worked better.

slinkyjo Mon 16-Jul-07 09:55:05

they just like nappies except you can pull them up n down, they feel wet to the child and only leak if they wee to much in them, normal pants are good for when your indoors and pullups are fantastic for when you go out, cause if you cant get to a toilet in time you dont have to deal with soggy clothes and pools of pee in shoes lol

muppetgirl Mon 16-Jul-07 10:02:40

slinkyjo -you're right about otdoors, we did put him in pullups for long journeys so he wasn;t stressed about needing a wee.

lissie Mon 16-Jul-07 10:12:44

would you recommend using them in the week before potty training REALLY starts?

lissie Mon 16-Jul-07 10:37:57


lissie Mon 16-Jul-07 12:01:18


horseymum Tue 17-Jul-07 20:10:16

sorry this is not a helpful comment but think it is quite amusing that dispo manufacturers have to make nappies that feel wet!
anyway, seriously (!)
personally we just went cold turkey and straight into pants but it 'may' be worth investing in a pair or two of washable training pants as it would save you money. i would think it would be harder for them to get sorted what they were allowed to wee in if you use trainers but i have heard they are good to buy you extra time as the cloth ones would probably only hold a small amount of wee but let them know better that they were wet.

Flibbertyjibbet Tue 17-Jul-07 20:22:45

Also a bit off subject, DS1 is just potty trained (and we just went straight to pants none of those wasteful gimmicky expensive 'training nappies'), but the other night I got a Pampers 'your baby is now 30months' with all the hints and tips about babies aged 2.6yo, with the very glaring exception of.... information about potty training! Yes they just want to keep you buying them as long as poss and if they can call them training nappies to get some more money out of you then they will.

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