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Mothercare flat shaped terry nappies

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vikki75 Sun 15-Jul-07 09:01:36

Was going to sell these as I have about 30 unused but was just wondering if anyone has used them and if so are they any good for newborns?? I have some bamboo boosters so was thinking about maybe using them to boost the mothercare ones.

Any information would be great thanks

moljam Sun 15-Jul-07 09:08:45

i used them and thought they were excellant introduction to cloth nappies.easy to use with nappi nippa and wrap.i found i didnt really need to boost them in night i used tots boosters or folded nappy.easy to wash and dry quickly.

vikki75 Sun 15-Jul-07 09:53:54

Thanks thats what i was thinking as i have bamboozles/bimbles and the mothercare ones.
Did you not find that they leaked as they dont seem very absorbant?

gringottsgoblin Sun 15-Jul-07 09:56:45

i use them with 4.5m ds. i cut up some terry squares to make boosters, usually put in 2 layers of terry and 1 fleece liner, not leaked yet (but only been using about 2 weeks!). i have a couple of bamboozles for night but prefer the terries for daytime as i dont like the very bulky nappies under clothes

moljam Sun 15-Jul-07 10:03:23

no we had no problems with leaks.these were actually my favorite nappies.and i was upset when ds outgrew them!

vikki75 Sun 15-Jul-07 10:10:24

Sounds like I will be keeping them then hehe.
I like the fact that they are so slim but that was also making me a bit worried about how well they would absorb.
I have some prefolds and some tots boosters would these work ok in them?

Ariela Mon 16-Jul-07 12:33:56

Yes they'd be great to add absorbency in them. We also sewed 2 together by overlapping the points to make a big shaped nappy that was thicker between the legs, that worked well too.

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