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Trouble with Twinkleontheweb. Anyone else?

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danceswithbaby Fri 13-Jul-07 21:18:32

I ordered four pre-folds and some liners from Twinkle-on-the-web at the beginning of June and they STILL haven't arrived. She says she sent them (of course) and to check with the post office. I did, they haven't. Couple of e-mails back and forth, but she obviously isn't doing anything and now is ignoring my e-mails. So she has my money and I have nothing. I know we're only talking £11.20, but honestly........

Has anyone else had problems with this company? I'm finding it very hard to believe that the goods were sent in the first place. I've ordered loads of stuff from other places in the interim and everything has arrived no problem.

Not quite sure what to do next. Any suggestions, oh wise ones?

SpongebobControlpants Fri 13-Jul-07 21:26:08

I ordered a fiver's worth of stuff a couple of weeks ago, got the automated 'your order has been dispatched' on the weds, hadn't received it by the following tues, so emailed.

She said postal strike, blah blah, and to let her know if it hadn't arrived by end of week. Luckily it did come a couple of days later, but i didn't think to check the date on the stamp, just to see if my email had actually prompted her to send it IYSWIM.

So, not a problem as such, but made me wary of using them again.

I wonder if perhaps you could threaten to bad-mouth her on the might mumsnet?

Oh, you already have.....

tutu100 Fri 13-Jul-07 21:33:13

I have only ordered from them once before and didn't have any probs, but I have heard of some people having similar problems to you. I probably won't use them again, but mainly beacuse there are so many other family run companies which I prefer to use.

Keep chasing it up. I will say though that these postal strikes have paid havoc with our post so that might have delayed it slightly. Sorry just realised you sai June not July. Chases them very strongly. See if you can find any other email addresses to complain to. How did you pay can you cancel the payment?

MadEyeMisdee Fri 13-Jul-07 21:34:22

yes, had problems with them.

two parcels (the only two i ordered from there) both went missing.

i'll sticvk with bumfluff and babykind if i ever have another one

FlameDelacour Fri 13-Jul-07 22:43:21

I stick with me too

I don't think I've ever used twinkle tbh... I seem to recall planning to, and then not

BabiesEverywhere Fri 13-Jul-07 22:53:59

I have ordered twice before from that company and received the orders promptly both times.

Today I placed a telephone order for a swim nappy and was warned that there would be a delay due to postal strike and was that alright...before I completed the order which I thought was more than reasonable.

So far, I have found them to be a friendly and helpful company and would recommend them to other people.

I'll let you guys know if my third order turns up on time.

Twinklemegan Fri 13-Jul-07 22:59:13

Just so you know it's nothing to do with me!

fingerwoman Fri 13-Jul-07 23:07:45

wow, I am surprised at this, I have used them for most of my nappy needs (and i have a lot of needs lol) and they've always been really, really helpful. never had a prob at all.

makesachange Fri 13-Jul-07 23:09:50

To be fair, the postal strike is a nightmare for all us mail order companies.

Not only are there delayed parcels, but there's more chance of parcels going missing completely.

That's all I can say, really! How each company deals with that is up to them.

Beachcomber Fri 13-Jul-07 23:16:38

I have used them twice and both times they were very good, prompt delivery and very reasonable postage to France.

danceswithbaby Sat 14-Jul-07 12:19:20

Hmm, bit of a mixture then really, some good, some bad.

I do understand the postal strike causing problems, but back at the beginning of June when she took the money for my order, they weren't on strike.

Thanks for your feedback everyone. I'm not sure what to do next. Emails are being completely ignored and I'm very reluctant to let the matter go.

danceswithbaby Sat 14-Jul-07 12:30:42

Babieseverywhere and Fingerwoman, do you guys work for Twinkle? You wouldn't be her mum and sister by any chance, would you? Just a thought

Pixiefish Sat 14-Jul-07 12:51:20

How did you pay for them? Can you not put a complaint t rough your cc company and get your money back that way

archiesmummy Sat 14-Jul-07 13:24:23

Yes, I recently spoke to a couple of people in Sweden who ordered from Twinkle but never received their goods and in the end got their emails ignored.. so doesn't seem to be so unusual tbh

Really bad . Good thing you didn't make a much bigger order.

Peachy Sat 14-Jul-07 13:36:21

If she got a postal receipt she is the one who ahs to check with the post office, thats how the system works afaik; if she didnt get a receipt you can pretty much assume they werent despatched really . telephone her and ask for a copy of the receipt to be sent t you by reciorded post )offer to email costs of recorded- about 70p- on receipt).

If no joy, then consider the consumer advice people.

ProfYaffle Sat 14-Jul-07 13:42:15

I've ordered from them and not had any major problems. They did despatch my order in 2 parcels without letting me know that's what they'd done, one arrived and I thought half my order was missing. The other half arrived about a week later. (that was ages before the postal strikes)

FlameDelacour Sat 14-Jul-07 13:44:33

I forget to tell people I have sent it in two parcels sometimes.

ProfYaffle Sat 14-Jul-07 13:45:52

I rang them in a panick and they were very nice about it

BabiesEverywhere Sat 14-Jul-07 13:47:04

I do not work for Twinkle nor do I have any connection to any person there

In fact if you search my past posts I spend more time promoting ECing than using cloth nappies.

As I said in my last post, I'll let you know if my third order turns up alright.

BabiesEverywhere Sat 14-Jul-07 13:49:00

danceswithbaby, why do ring them and ask them what they are going to do for you. If the post lost the stuff, they should replace either the goods or money for you

nappyzone Sat 14-Jul-07 19:11:28

I would ring them - sometimes that old fashioned phone thingy gets neglected a bit i find, you cant deny an actual conversation as well as an e mail, do you put read receipt on your emails . madeyemisdee - good point but you missed me out and that makes me , im only a lickle ickle baby in the web world!

MadEyeMisdee Sat 14-Jul-07 19:13:22

nappyzone, have i ordered from you?


i used to use earthkindbabies as well, and make/sachange?

also puddlepants. oooo heavenly pretty nappies. real show off ones.

nappyzone Sat 14-Jul-07 19:20:48

no i dont think so, quick go spend £100 to lesson your guilt - only kidding , i dont think so but have a look i have some new lovely wet bags! You cannot shop everywhere so i will let you of!

kreamkrackers Sat 14-Jul-07 19:20:54

i thought i had trouble with twinkle on the web but if you look for a thread about minki huggles you will see my thread and it turned out to be my fault for not checking my junk mail folder (msn keeps putting emails into this folder), anyways she's been really nice about it and i'm just waiting to recieve my nappies now.

danceswithbaby Sat 14-Jul-07 21:36:19

Well, I have an e-mail response from Twinkle-on-the-web, finally! I wonder if it's a co-incidence that it showed up immediately after this thread was started?

She is saying that she re-sent the package last week, recorded. A package from another company was despatched to me on Wednesday, again recorded and it came yesterday. It even had the wrong name on it. So it's a bit odd that the Twinkle package seems to be 'lost' yet again.

Oh and it seems that it was probably my own fault in the first place, for selecting the 'free postage' option

But enough of you have positive things to say, so 'benefit of the doubt' will be given. It is obviously a legit operation, if an unreliable one. A shame, as she has some nice Bright Bots clothing that I won't be buying

She also says she'll give a refund if I haven't had anything by late next week, so it'll be interesting to see if either the package, or the refund materialise. Let's hope so, then I can start looking for my pre-folds elsewhere!

Babieseverywhere, I was only joking about you working for her, honest

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