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Has she got the trots or is this normal?

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RachelPross Fri 13-Jul-07 17:22:06

My DD has dirtied 4 nappies today, every one I've put on her she has filled front to back with the most awful poo I've ever smelt? Normal??? What to do?

RachelPross Fri 13-Jul-07 17:24:28

By the way DD is 1 and eating solids

horsemadgal Sat 14-Jul-07 20:48:29

Has she eaten anything different? Is it runny poo?
My son is like that if he has cows milk.

nappyzone Sat 14-Jul-07 20:52:23

strangely my ds is like this today too - hes had about 4 - smelly and v runny with mucus to be seen (sorry to much info), a bit whiney but im putting it down to him being snot boy at the moment and teething and generally being a whiney boy, just woke up actually - looked at me cried then smiled then went back to sleep? Will observe tomorow or all tonight if he has me up ..... in fact better go to bed early in case!

RachelPross Tue 17-Jul-07 19:55:46

Don't think DD had had anything strange to eat but hey presto we have today discovered at least 1 if not more new teeth so the mystery is solved. Teething runs, explains it all.

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