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Real nappy virgin! (lots of advice needed)

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pinkmagic1 Fri 13-Jul-07 10:28:26

I have decided to take the plunge and switch to reusables for my 8 month DD but am a total novice and need lots of advice!
I have been looking at options and am leaning towards pre-folds, mainly because of there reasonble price compared to other reusables. What is the best make, how many and what do I need? Also where is the best place to buy everything? (I've been looking on E-bay).
Where does everyone buy there liners and nappy soak? I can't seem to find either in boots and my local one has a huge baby department.
Sorry for so many questions but really am a total novice.

nearlythere Fri 13-Jul-07 10:38:01

don't bother with nappy soak! smells pretty foul and is unescessary- use a few drops of tea tree in a dry bucket!

Right shopping list:
4 wraps minimum (especially with pre-folds)
between 15 and 20 nappies
disposable liners
washable liners if you are feeling brave
washable wipes- save a fortune! get some cheap flannels then sling em in the wash with the nappies
lidded bucket
laundry mesh for lining the bucket
tea tree oil

FlameDelacour Fri 13-Jul-07 11:14:40

I would say a few more wraps with prefolds - my children just leak out the sides

Other than that, NT's list is everything you need.

For disposable liners, its normally easier to buy them online - most places do free shipping if its just liners.

derah Fri 13-Jul-07 11:16:29

I would suggest you try pre-folds before you commit to buying lots. A lot of people really don't get on with them since they can be quite leaky. Might I suggest you try one of the trial packs that some of the online nappy sellers do? I think Babykind does one and there might be others. It can be so off-putting if you don't get on with a certain nappy (there are so many kinds and each one suits different shaped babies better) but you've already bought loads. Of e-mail Flame or one of the other ladies here for some advice on what might suit you.

nappyzone Fri 13-Jul-07 11:16:50

if you look in the classifeid section there are a few of us who are cloth nappy retailers - some do prefolds and some dont but do do wraps etc.. - have a browse anywya as it will give you a better idea of what you want... Good luck and welcome to cloth addiction!

FlameDelacour Fri 13-Jul-07 11:21:43

bumfluffnappies at gmail dot com (flame's email )

makesachange Fri 13-Jul-07 13:15:44

We always recommend using prefolds for:

- cleaning windows
- mopping up stuff
- cleaning the dog's paws
- using a a toddler car seat protector
- polishing the car

but never for nappies. They're useless.

Well, not useless. I mean, NOT using anything would create more mess and washing, but probably not a lot.

Prefolds are bulky, leaky and uncomfortable and generally a pain in the backside (haha).

Just my tuppence worth.

Incidentally, although we don't recommend prefolds we do sell terries - quite a different concept - and although they're more faffy than shaped nappies they work far better than prefolds, mostly because the nappy is wrapped around the baby, like a shaped nappy, and they're much cheaper than shaped nappies.

However, if you can afford it go for shaped nappies (you'll still save loads compared to sposies). There's loads out there but the simple things to consider are:

- fabric (cotton is cheapest but goes hard and crispy if line dried, bamboo is most absorbant but takes longer to dry and teddy is super fast drying, not as absorbant as bamboo but stays reeeeally soft)

- fastening (popper, nippa or velcro usually). Personal choice and you may like to try all three.

- Sized or birth to potty. Sized almost always fit better than birth to potty nappies which rarely fit little babies and older toddlers. As your DD is now 8 months she'll amost certainly be able to go straight into the second size of sized nappies anyway, which should take her through to toilet training better than a birth to potty, so I would recommend that.

I certainly agree re the nappy soak - don't bother. Certainly do not use Napisan as it will degrade the nappies and probably irritate her skin.

Liners - any of your friendly online nappy companies will sell liners. You may also wish to consider fleece ones which are washable, and keep the skin dryer than paper. Although you can buy them from nappy sellers you can just as easily make them by cutting up fleece from a shop - although prob worth picking up a pack first so you can see what kind of fleece to buy.

Hope this helps,


rhead Tue 17-Jul-07 20:23:29

Never tried prefolds, I like fitteds. A dozen Bumbles have seen my ds through brilliantly from about 8 mos to potty training (2 1/2 years), and are still in great shape. I wouldn't bother getting more than about 12 as you can only fit 10 or 11 in a nappy bucket! I use Rikki wraps during the day and an Airflow at night.

Shop around in the classifieds (the Nappy Lady site has a great ads section too). You should be able to pick up a couple of types of nappies and covers to test out for around £4-5 each, either new or lightly used. Whatever you don't like, you can resell.

I also recommend fleece liners, for catching poo - you can pick them up cheap enough on eBay, or just buy some material and cut your own.

I'd think you could get fully kitted out for £100, or less if you find some good bargains. Go for it!

hotbot Tue 17-Jul-07 20:30:16

We use mio bambino, prefolds never had any problems with leaking, altho you do ahve to be careful with the clothes you buy as they do have big bums.
, we do use boots nappy soak tho as it does keep the nappies clean and fresh, they still look brand new 6 months on. Flannels like someone said earlier are brill, no wipes for us .
Whatever you choose well done for "keepin it real" it works out cheaper by far and tho no real evidence (i think) i feel its better for their bums!

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