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Little Lamb nappies

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Bouncingturtle Fri 13-Jul-07 08:53:52


Expecting 1st baby in December, so been enthusiastically researching all things baby. DH and I are keen to use washable nappies, so been lots of looking round on the web.
I was wondering if anyone has experience in buying nappies from these guys - Little Lamb?

I'm going to use disposables (I found some biodegradable ones called Nature's Babyworld) to use for the first couple of weeks.

Are the kits a good idea? If you bought a kit then did you have to supplment with various bits and piences (I would imagine you would need more liners!). Any shuggestions and opinions would be very welcome!

beckmo Fri 13-Jul-07 12:22:34

There's a thread running already on Little Lmab nappies with lots of positive feedback. They are doing a cheap trial of one nappy and one wrap at the moment which is what I did so you can try it out before forking out on a whole load.The bamboo one is really good for my DD.

Buy a few different nappies and give them a go before buying a kit-I have been trying out different ones this week on my newborn and not only has it allowed me to see what suits her shape and my needs but it has been really good fun shopping around.Bambineos because they are lovely, fluffles for bad drying days and Motherease one size to see me right through (all used with motherease wraps) for me so far but I do like the Little lamb ones.

I'm also using reusable fleece liners from a meter of polar fleece bought from a haberdashery and cut up to fit each nappy.Found the paper ones keep her bum too wet.

Bouncingturtle Fri 13-Jul-07 15:43:56

thanks didn't spot other thread but have looked.

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