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What is the best age...

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Lolly68 Thu 12-Jul-07 10:16:15 start potty training. My DD is coming up to 18 months. Do I start preparing for it now or do you think I should wait a little bit longer. Any advice would be much appreciated!!

myjobismum Thu 12-Jul-07 10:53:17

every child is different!!!! my Ds has just potty trained - he is 20mths - i wanted to wait until after his 2nd b'day before i did it, but health reasons forced the issue sooner - luckily he was ready at the same time - you will know when your DD is ready - dont force it!

muppetgirl Thu 12-Jul-07 10:57:40

We started last year when ds was 2.3. He was able to communicate with us/ us with him so we could talk to him about what we were doing. Also summer seemed a great idea as he was out on the grass in the buff so could have quick wee stops whilst playing.

He was sooooo up for the 'noddy pants' we bought him.

I would say, don't rush you could accidentally make an issue out of it and this summer has been rubbish to potty train outside!

fishie Thu 12-Jul-07 11:10:35

you could buy a potty and have it hanging around, see how she responds. just doing ds now, he is 2.3 as well.

mg we've got noddy pants too! did you know he's called 'oui-oui' in french? hahaha.

muppetgirl Thu 12-Jul-07 11:18:09

pmsl fishie!

he's into bob pants, thomas pants, postman pat pants!

I never realised pants were so important to 2/3 years olds!

Though they are great with pictures on as he can now put them on himself as all we say is 'noddy at the front, label at the back' Plain ones really throw him!!

Potty hanging rounds is a good idea -ours used it to put his cars in at first...

Lolly68 Thu 12-Jul-07 11:27:34

Thanks for your replies. We have a potty and she noticed it for the first time the other day and sat on it (fully clothed!) I clapped and said good girl etc. What I will do is just leave it around the house so she gets use to it!!

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