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Bambineo teddy

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nappyzone Thu 12-Jul-07 09:04:31

Ooooo - what a nice suprise - today with my regular bambenio order i got sent a sample of the teddy in white with aplix - i have to say fluffles scare me but this somehow looks less bulbous but equally fluffy but neat - 10 out of 10 to bambenio! I will be orderign these in asap as they are lush... Anyone else seen them? ooo dying to pop it on adam - dont think i need to prewash do i

maveta Thu 12-Jul-07 10:30:11

what are they made of?

nappyzone Thu 12-Jul-07 10:39:43

100 % polyester - same as a fluffle - so cuddly, i was sat stroking it between typing . they come in blue and papaya also (similar to pistachio bamboo bambineo colour). Aplix only until sept time -but i thnk flame is conducting a picking of the aplix experiment.

maveta Thu 12-Jul-07 11:10:09

How do you find the aplix? I´ve only got nippa..

FlameDelacour Thu 12-Jul-07 11:35:38

Mine should be here in the next hour Snugglebum got a delivery of them today too!

I'm going to pick the aplix off one to use for Emrys - I'm really not an aplix fan

FlameDelacour Thu 12-Jul-07 12:29:37

OMG - they are goooooooooooooorgeous! Beat fluffles hands down.

nappyzone Thu 12-Jul-07 13:40:08

i dont mind aplix - but thats just me - nippas scare me! lol!!

nappyzone Thu 12-Jul-07 13:41:00

i think i need to didtch my fluffle stock now!

nappyzone Thu 12-Jul-07 13:47:20

ooo Flame you actualy have the colours comming then - in a quandry about what colours to order for stock - lol! i hate having to make such decisions! I only seen the white and v impressed!

FlameDelacour Thu 12-Jul-07 13:50:41

Pic in my profile!

Got blue, green and white... the lilac turned out to be blue

Official nippa and popper ones are coming in September.

maveta Thu 12-Jul-07 15:19:17

aaargh.. the temptation!

kreamkrackers Thu 12-Jul-07 15:29:51

oh they look lovely, your ds looks very happy to be wearing his new nappy

it's so tempting, it'd have been better if they'd done a lilac one then i'd definetly be swayed to getting one but in september when the popper version comes out.

btw, i love the bumfluff logo nappy, you should sell these and promote your buisness

FlameDelacour Thu 12-Jul-07 15:42:02

That was specially made by the lovely lady at bumbeano

makesachange Thu 12-Jul-07 23:18:37

Nappyzone - we're doing just that. I think that the style of the Bambinex is just that much better than the fluffle - can't see any reason to have both really - and the Bambinex is just that bit slimmer, don't you think?

I quite like the velcro version, really. I am never organised enough to have a flippin nippa to hand!

Just need to list them, now...

nappyzone Fri 13-Jul-07 08:37:45

The aplix doesnt seem to feel particularly stiff so im happy to use the aplix and keep the ends of my fingers in tact!

LizaRose Fri 13-Jul-07 09:29:31

Can I order some of these now? Flame, the colours are not on your website. Do you offer a choice or send them out randomly?

FlameDelacour Fri 13-Jul-07 11:00:17

Yup - they are listed as "bambinex teddy colours" - I'll go and fiddle so they are listed all in one place though

link to lising here

makesachange Fri 13-Jul-07 13:18:03

Flame - what is it about velcro you don't like?

FlameDelacour Fri 13-Jul-07 13:50:01

When its on bambinex - the fit - DS is still diddy and it comes up to high. On everything else, just the lack of adjustability, the stiffness and the fact that he undoes it before I get the wrap on!!

makesachange Fri 13-Jul-07 18:09:22

OK - you're folding it then I guess?

FlameDelacour Fri 13-Jul-07 18:50:10

Yup - the front still folds down really far on my little dude... keep thinking about putting a size one on him just to see if it fits!

makesachange Fri 13-Jul-07 23:16:30

How old is he now then?

FlameDelacour Fri 13-Jul-07 23:26:29

Nearly 17 months, but he's diddy - still in 9-12 month clothes.

FlameDelacour Fri 13-Jul-07 23:27:50

You can't see it very well, but in the pic in my profile the teddy is folded down about the width of the tabs

makesachange Fri 13-Jul-07 23:33:02

Right - makes sense.

Would be interesting if you tried the size 1 again!! I do know people who have their babies in them for ages.

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