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23 month old started to use potty but only if bottom is naked

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forevermore Tue 10-Jul-07 12:22:44

dd is 2 at end of the month and her fellow mindee is 21/2 and being potty trained. last week she was ill at home and started using potty. i think she is copying him? no mistakes always going on potty for wee and poos
But if you put knickers or nappy or pull up on she wets herself? i didn't expect to start her for another few months so happy she is using it, but how do i get her to use it when she isn't naked?

EverLovelyChubby Tue 10-Jul-07 12:48:23

I posted a thread just like this earlier today. DD will take herself to the toilet / ask and does all wees and poos as good as gold as long as she doesn't have anything on her bum. When she does she instantly wets / poos herself.

Frustrating to a certain extent as I know she can do it.

So no advice as I'm in the same boat!! My DD is 2.3 so not much older than yours.

horseymum Tue 10-Jul-07 13:52:49

try taking them regularly to try 'just in case' as they often deny it but will do one if given the chance! i am told fully potty trained counts as knowing when to go, taking themself, pulling down clothes, wiping, dressing, wash hands. However, i am happy that ds (2.3 months) will usually tell me and i have to help him. i always take him before meals, going out etc as well so i guess we are only half way there. maybe try going cold turkey using pants for a few days to see if they are ready as imo swapping between napppies and pants is confusing. try stickers or similar as rewards. you can always go back to nappies and leave it a while, but use potty at nappy changes etc.

TooTicky Tue 10-Jul-07 13:54:56

Let her go bare-bummed as often as possible. She will soon get the hang of it.

tassis Tue 10-Jul-07 13:56:03

skirt/dress with no pants?

maisiemog Wed 11-Jul-07 00:03:08

I had exactly this problem with my DS, he was totally reliable at home for pees and poops at 22 months. He would jump on and off the potty all by himself with no problem.
It was so simple I kind of left adding the trousers/clothing on top bit until he was 26 months.
So the first week I put him in trousers, it was awful. He just didn't get it at all. After a week I stopped and went back to nakeybums at home and hardly took him out.
After a week's recovery, I dug out as many horrible old trackybums and easy wash trousers and shorts as I could - from every age range. And just started putting them on and then started to remind him to go to the potty and got him to practice pulling up trousers with a crisp or something for doing it right a few times. It worked, and he was really pretty good, he did completely remove his trousers to go to the potty, rather than pulling them down and up again, but at least he took them off.
After four or five days we took him out beyond the back garden armed with numerous extra pairs of trousers and pants and he was pretty good. Just made sure I put a towel on his car seat and pram, just in case.
The main thing is don't worry about it, it will happen, and you might have a bit of extra washing for while (or not if you are lucky), but, she will probably click fairly quickly by the sound of things.
Good luck with it all.

littlekiwibaby Wed 11-Jul-07 15:33:50

My now 3 year old did exactly this and was accident free when no undies on, we let her do this for a couple of weeks at home, putting a nappy on when we went out. When she was coming home dry and then using the potty / toilet after the nappy had been removed we started taking her out with no nappy on. We didn't force the issue.
You lo will get the hang of it, just don't worry.

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