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My New Nappies are here - Now can i .....................

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pre wash them altogether ??
i have 2 Cotton Tots bots ( white)
2 Bimbles (white) - they are so cute
2 Bamboo tots bots - Blue

Now can i chuck them all in together or will they run ?

Also i read here that you cant tumble the Bamboo ones but thats not tru is it?

should add i plan to wash them wiith Non bio at a 40 wash -
can you tell that i have never used these before!!

fingerwoman Sun 08-Jul-07 22:28:11

yes, you can wash them all together.

Jas Sun 08-Jul-07 22:33:14

Wash them all together, you don't need to dry them between pre washes either.

I tumble my bamboo ones occasionally and they are ok. It is a problem if they are too hot I think though.

Flamesparrow Mon 09-Jul-07 08:13:34

Yup, the others have all said it.

The blue bamboo will be too pale to run/notice iyswim.

Tumble bamboo on low, too high and they can shrink and go weird.


Thank you ladies

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