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Starting Potty Training tomorrow (HELP)

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ELMTREE Sun 08-Jul-07 07:50:15

Me and my DD are going to start potty training tomorrow. She seems to be showing me all the right signs (as if i know what the right signs are). My only concern is she seems to be telling me straight away after she has done a poo or wee. She takes her trousers and nappy off. We have managed to get a few wees on the potty beforehand and have made a real fuss of her and put stickers on the chart.
Can anyone offer any advice before D-Day???

aviatrix Sun 08-Jul-07 07:58:02

Message withdrawn

Shoshable Sun 08-Jul-07 08:02:20


Day 1 - 3 no clothes, ask if they want the potty, at least every 1/2 hour. Expect lots of accidents.

Day 4-7 Providing child is now making it to the potty, pants on, still reminding, first couple of days will result in wet pants, but by day 7, usually making it to the potty.

Day 7 onwards trousers on as well, still asking often, take potty EVERYWHERE with you.

If this doesn't work, would say the child isn't ready. Have done it with children from 20 months - 4 years, they are ready when they are ready, boys in general are later than girls, but saying that just had a boy dry at 22 months and a girl not till almost 4. !

sassy Sun 08-Jul-07 08:07:35

There is a potty boot camp run by cod going at the mo.We're in it - dd2 doing pretty well at the mo.#
I'll bump it for you.

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